Former SP Juan Ponce Enrile questions relevance of Senator Grace Poe’s senate investigation re ABS-CBN franchise renewal issue. Read why!

The supporters of ABS-CBN are apparently going to sleep tonight comfortably after the senate investigation has vindicated the Kapamilya Network that it did not violate any PH laws.

Former Comelec Commission Goyo Larrazabal took to Twitter to rub the facts to the faces of the Duterte supporters who are lusting for the shut down of the network that has been anti-Duterte since the 2016 election campaign.

If you are a fan of ABS-CBN and rabidly anti-Duterte, for sure you’ll be jumping up and down in celebration because of this piece of good news.

But wait! Let us first listen or read what former Senate President and one of the brilliant legal minds in the country has produced, Juan Ponce Enrile aka JPE.

In a facebook post, Enrile said that “there is only one issue in the ABS-CBN franchise case.”

Enrile asked, “Did they or did they not violate the Constitution?” And answered himself his earlier question. “That is a judicial issue.”

Assuming that ABS-CBN violated the Constitution, Enrile could only asked, “If they violated the Constitution, what is the relevance of the Senate investigation?”

Enrile reckoned that “Congress cannot pass a law to cure the violation.”

But, Enrile offered a solution to the problem. “The people can through a Constitutional amendment.”

Meanwhile, Enrile remarked that our current political leaders should dig the truth the people who masterminded the rigid Filipino ownership provision for media entities. Mmmm. It sounded to me Enrile is hinting us of something. “Our political leaders should find out who were responsible for that very rigid Filipino ownership provision for media entities in the Philippines.”

Enrile then went on to give us a clue. “I recall that that rigid provision was the handiwork of two major local media entities in the country at the time.”

Enrile ended the FB post with a few words for our Senators, which in my opinion, will be taken well by those who are open-minded. “At least as a sign of becoming modesty, the Senators should have observed the principle of separation of powers among the three branches of government – the Executive Department, the Legislative Department, and the Judiciary. Department.”

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Source: JP Enrile

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