Former staff recalls how Rodrigo Duterte remained cool at gun point, delivered medicines to sick child

Since Day 1 Mayor Rodrigo Duterte announced his intention to gun for the Presidency in the 2016 election, his critics and online bashers has had a field day throwing black propaganda against the PDP-Laban candidate.

The propagandas being raised against Mayor Rodrigo Duterte range from serious to the flimsy ones. Serious ones include his position on the BBL issue, his admission of being a leftist sympathizer, his womanizing tendencies and his vigilante style of keeping in check the peace and order situation of his beloved city. The flimsiest propaganda being used against Duterte is his tendency to use expletives when speaking to reporters on national TV.

To soften the impact of the propaganda attack against the PDP-Laban candidate, Duterte’s camp has started to address the issue and stop the bleeding.

On the infamous Pope-cursing issue, Mayor Rodrigo Duterte had reached out to the local Catholic leaders based in Davao City just recently. After the admonishment from Archbishop Valles, Duterte vowed to stop using cuss words when talking to reporters.

The rest of the issues against Duterte have already been answered one by one in past interviews on national TV so I don’t feel the need to once again discuss this in today’s post.

Meanwhile, the supporters of Mayor Duterte are pitching in to counter the black propaganda of the rival camps by posting their own stories highlighting the good side of Mayor Duterte.

This brings me to share the anecdote of a man who used to work for Mayor Duterte when the latter was first appointed as Vice-Mayor of Davao City by then President Cory Aquino.

Here’s Andy Lambo’s story of then Vice Mayor Rody Duterte. Please read below:

I was one of the original staff of Rody he was appointed OIC Vice Mayor in 1986. One day, I escorted him in his visit to far-flung and rebel-controlled Paquibato District. On our way, we were stopped by a band of armed men who turned out to be NPA’s. This was one of the initial encounters of Rody with the rebels.

When he was a Fiscal, he was the defender of their nemesis in the Armed Forces. Our side arms were taken by the NPA’s. Rody explained to them that we meant no harm and that we were on our way to deliver medicines to a sick child who had a burning accident.

Rody was cool. He did not use his name or position or his association with well-known leaders of Left. He simply reasoned his way out. The NPA’s returned our guns, and on we went to help another suffering constituent. Rody delivers!

Andy Lambo My Duterte Story

How about you? Do you have your own Duterte story?


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