Former under-22 Azkal urges Filipinos to stop criticizing, start supporting PH, says their team bus broke down in Thailand but never bitch about it

Former under-22 Azkal player named Ali Baldo Jr. appealed to Filipinos to stop criticizing and start supporting PH, regardless of their political color, if I may add.

Baldo recalled the under-22 PH Azkals experience in Thailand wherein the team bus broke down while traveling to their hotel after training.

Baldo said that rather than bitch and got angry in the face of adversity, as Filipinos they improvised and turned adversity into one of their most memorable experiences as an athlete.

Baldo shared a video to prove his claim.

In the video, the team Azkals can be seen laughing while trying to push the stalled bus, probably in an attempt to jump start the bus or what.

In addition to the stalled bus, the team also had complaints about the food because it was the same day in and day out, problem with transpo among many others. All of these Baldo said, were experienced by Pinoy athletes when competing overseas.

Baldo exclaimed its only now ordinary Filipinos got a peek of the secret of lives of Pinoy athletes but willing to die for the flag.

Baldo asked why it is hard for Filipinos to rally behind Pinoy athletes rather than take our complaints to social media. He said we can do nothing about the shortcomings of the government because it is done.

The support of every Filipinos is what our athletes need to fight for our country in the coming SEA Games.

Stop criticizing and start supporting 🇵🇭

7years ago nagtulak kame ng bus sa Thailand pauwe ng hotel namen after training. Dahil wais tayong mga Pinoy imbis na magalit at magreklamo ginawa nalang naten to sa isa pinakamasayang exprience.

Problema sa pagkain kasi paulit ulit, problema sa transpo at kung ano ano pa. Lahat po yan ay napagdaanan ng mga atletang Pinoy pag tayo po ang dumadayo sa ibang bansa. (Oh diba ngayon alam nyo na ano ang buhay ng mga atleta pero nagpapakamatay pa rin ang mga Pinoy para lang maitaguyod ang ating Watawat 🇵🇭.

Bakit hindi nalang naten suporthan ang mga atletang pinoy kesa nagrereklamo tayo sa social media. WALA NA PO TAYONG MAGAGAWA SA KAKULANGAN NG GOBYERNO DAHIL NANGYARI NA.



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