Former world boxing Champion from Cebu is half paralyzed after a hacking incident!

Malcolm Tunacao fight

Malcolm Tunacao the former world boxing Champion from Mandaue Cebu is now recovering in Chong Hua Hospital and paralyzed from one side of the body after his live-in-partner hacked him with a bolo at the back of his head in a fit of jealousy yesterday 6:30 morning September 16, 2015.

According to the police report, the former world champion was still asleep when his wife committed the treacherous attack of his live-in-partner. The live-in-partner and suspect is identified as Jessica Grace Tiu, 39, resident of Pu­rok Tam­bis, Brgy. Umapad, Mandaue City.

Neighbors said that the 37 year old former boxing world champion and his live-in-partner was quarreling the day earlier because the latter suspected he is carrying an affair with another woman.

The neighbors thought the lovebirds were already ok since all seemed quiet and peaceful in the Tunacao household until the fragile peace was broken the following morning as the commotion was overheard by the neighbors.

According to SPO4 Fernando Gabutero of Opao Police Station Mandaue, the wife woke up earlier than the victim and took a bolo to hack the sleeping former World Champion boxer. After receiving the first blow, the former champion boxer was roused from his sleep and tried to fight off his partner, but due to the wound at the back of his and the amount of blood loss he was easily overpowered by the assailant. SPO4 Gabutero added that the former boxer incurred several wounds.

The live-in-partner was arrested three hours after the attack during a follow operation by the Opao Police. The relatives of the former boxer are determined to file appropriate charges to the assailant.

Upon further investigation by the police, the former boxer stayed in Manila for quite some time before going home to Cebu since the couple had been quarreling before they left Japan for their vacation in the Philippines.

You may watch Malcolm Tunacao’s exploit in the ring during his heyday.

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