#FreeBongGo ang panawagan — Manila Bulletin writer shares personal opinion of Senator Bong Go’s latest statement re presidential bid

While the supporters of BBM are already rejoicing in the wake of Senator Bong Go’s latest statement expressing his willingness to make the supreme sacrifice for the good of our country, and for the sake of unity among our supporters and leaders and interpreted it as a hint he is dropping his presidential bid, Manila Bulletin writer and socmed influencer Krizette Laureta Chu, thinks otherwise.

Chu wrote that it’s true Bong Go’s heart is telling him to drop his presidential bid but his loyalty to the President is stopping him even if he wants to walk away from the presidential race. Besides, his party has a say on his political decisions.

Chu explained that Go’s statement has veiled messages to the Duterte supporters like his hands are tied and crying for help because his party mates are forcing him to do things for their political end.

Chu joked #FreeBongGo is what the DDS needs to shout now not #FreePRRD as some bloggers earlier shouted.

You may now read Chu’s original FB post below.

Basa ko sa statement ni Sen Bong Go—if you allow yourself to read it without the biases you already formed about him:

Ayaw nya talaga tumakbo. He really wanted to be VP and was set on being VP after consistently leading in the surveys, and it crushed him to have to withdraw and file for P. He is honest enough to acknowledge na umasa na sya na VP sya.

Problema is he doenst work alone—he has a party that forced him to do this.

Basically sinasabi nya that his hands are tied—I even see this letter as a cry for help and maybe even a condemnation to his party, who forced him to do this.

Sabi nya hindi nya talaga gusto and his family is already affected by the bashing considering this is the first time he’s been subjected to this. His heart he says wants out.

Eh Wala naman kasi silang ibang pwedeng utusan but BG, because all his life he is used to doing what is asked of him and them using the service card.

Sabi nya all he wants is unity. And if you remember, and acknowledge, he never said anything about BBM or even the other candidates.

In the end, he’s kind of saying he’s just a pawn in this. He reiterates many times that this is against his personal wishes.

I think he wants us to see beyond this and him. He wants us to blame PDP LABAN people. Not PRRD—but the old guys network surrounding them. The PDP LABAN faction. Hahahaah. Hindi nya masabi syempre. But read it again. Absorb it. This is a cry for help.

So, baka dapat ay #FreeBongGo ang panawagan 😬😬😬

Basa ko lang naman.


Source: Krizette Laureta Chu

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