From one to reservist to Dingdong Dantes: ‘Do us all a favor. Renounce from the AFP. Stop disgracing us!’

Another AFP reservist has taken to socmed to express one’s displeasure at actor Dingdong Dantes for his anti-terrorism bill stance.

AFP Reservist John Paolo Nartatez opened the letter by creating a contrast how he earned his rank as a reservist by going through the usual process while insinuating that the actor Dingdong Dantes earned his because of fame.

‘I, John Paolo N. Nartatez, am also a reservist. But unlike you, I didn’t just obtain my rank without going through the process. I was an ROTC officer during college, finished both basic & advanced military science and underwent summer training in Camp Riego de Dios.’

Nartatez confessed that as part of the AFP Reserve Corps, he was displeased with Dingdong Dantes’ statements against the Anti-Terrorism Law. He hope Dingdong Dantes to man up and walk the talk and not allow himself to be swayed by any political color.

‘As part of the AFP Reserve Corps, I’m so displeased with your recent pronouncements against the Anti-Terrorism Law. You made an oath to our flag that you will protect our motherland and its people from threats to our sovereignty. I hope you can be man enough to walk your talk and not let yourself be influenced by any political color.’

Nartatez went on to talk about the huge toll as a result of terrorism like loss of lives of soldiers and the civilians caught in the crossfire like the tribal leaders and the lumads. Not to mention the impact on the economy because investors, both foreign and local, refuse to pour their money in areas with presence of terrorists. Nartatez remarked that if Dantes can’t see the bigger picture, he is dragging the entire AFP with his shallow thinking.

‘Thousands of soldiers have perished in exchange of the peaceful environment that you and your family have right now. Tribal leaders and lumads have been mercilessly murdered, their properties destroyed and basic rights taken away by anti-government forces. Both foreign and local investors refused to establish businesses in areas known to have presence of terrorists. If you still can’t see the bigger picture, you are dragging the entire Armed Forces with your shallow thinking. You are utterly neglecting your duty to the State by adapting the same thinking as the rebels.’

Nartatez ended the open letter by giving actor Dingdong Dantes the choice to live by the military code of conducts as an AFP reservist or resign. In other words, he wants Dantes to stop disgracing the AFP.

‘The enemies don’t rest even in this time of pandemic. The ATL is an instrumental tool into keeping peace and order, not a threat to freedom. I honestly don’t mind your obvious affiliation with a political party as long as your political stand does not get in the way of fulfilling your duties. However, you need to understand that as an individual, your actions will reflect to the AFP. Whenever you speak, you are not only speaking for yourself but for us too. So please, if you really can’t live by the military codes of conduct, do us all a favor. Renounce from the AFP. Stop disgracing us!’


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Source: John Paolo Nartatez

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