From pink ribbon to PH flag lapel pin? Manila Bulletin writer, netizens react to Leni Robredo new found fondness for PH flag lapel pin ala PRRD

Manila Bulletin writer Krizette Laureta Chu teased Leni Robredo for ditching the pink ribbon in favor of the Philippine Lapel Flag Pin.

On Facebook, Chu wrote: Naks. Hindi na yung dati nyang pink ribbon.

Chu’s FB followers reacted by laughing at Chu’s teasing of Robredo. In fact, out of the 13, 387 reactions the post generated, 12,000+ netizens hit the laugh emoji.

Robredo’s ditching the pink ribbon pin elicited negative reactions from netizens.

This lady netizen said she has come to realized why Robredo’s supporters are so focus in attacking BBM because that’s their strategy to divert the public’s attention away from their candidate’s lack of deep understanding of big issues.

Now I understand why people campaigning for Leni just focus on badmouthing BBM (di umattend ng debates, convict, anak ng diktador, hindi college graduate) – they need to deflect from their candidate’s lack of real deep understanding of big issues. Pang Sangguniang Kabataan ang peg. I say this because I watch all interviews and debates to be able to decide well. I was raised to be anti Marcos but I cannot vote for someone who thinks we should be like Ukraine.

This netizen appeared confused why Leni’s team keeps changing her campaign color motif. She asked why can’t they just copy the good things PRRD/BBM/ISD are doing?

Her team keeps changing her colour from yellow, fuchsia, dark pink, red, and now baby pink?!. She’s a chameleon in a not so nice way. PRRD once showed his shoe 👞 na sira. So fvp removed her heels. PRRD always wear Phil flag pin so gaya na naman siya/sila. Why can’t they copy the good things PRRD, BBM/ISD are doing or been doing?👊🏽✌🏽🦅

One commenter is unimpressed and dismissed this is just another PR tweak from her campaign team to sell Robredo as an intelligent and competent Presidentiable to the Pinoy voters.

Another “makeover” to promote her as an intelligent and competent presidentiable! 🙄🥱 Trying hard talaga si Madam.

One netizen wrote that no change of pin can save her Robredo from impending defeat in the polls.

There really isn’t anything more she/they can do to save her or her campaign. Not even if she pins that flag pin right on the skin of her forehead.

Too late to show she loves more the flag than the yellow/pink ribbon, chimed in another.



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