Fuming Lea Salonga slams Duterte critics: “Shame on those that have, to further their own agenda, spread lies”

Cynthia Patag and her ilk are under fire from Duterte supporters for claiming that a friend who recently died is a victim of Duterte’s war on drugs.

The post quickly went viral as netizens who are rabidly anti-Duterte shared Cynthia Patag’s post to galvanize more support against their anti-Duterte movement.

However, when the family of the deceased got wind of the viral post, they quickly issued a statement on Facebook to dispel the lies and rumor peddled by Cynthia Patag and her friends.

Check the excerpt of the post published by Iwi Laurel, wife of the purportedly victim of Duterte’s war on drugs on Facebook below.

Many concerned friends have approached me at Noli’s wake about Facebook posts that have gone viral. Please allow me once and for all to help you get your facts straight. Read the full text of post here.

Fact: Noli was not abducted and drugged.
Fact: He was not killed.
Fact: Noli was not a victim of “Duterte’s war on drugs.”

When the controversial post made by Cynthia Patag reached Lea Salonga’s timeline feed, she wasted no seconds to expressed her disgust towards the people behind the malicious post.

Check out Lea Salonga’s post on Facebook below.

To be completely fair I saw no posts purporting the recent passing of Noli Asensio to have been more than a cardiac arrest. However, from this post of Iwi Laurel, it seems there were. Shame on those that have, to further their own agendas, spread lies. Fact-check please before you post. And please say a prayer for Noli and for the family he left behind.

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Source: Lea Salonga

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