Funny but sad! A video depicting the different classroom scenarios a public school teacher deals 5 days a week inside the classroom goes viral

A video depicting the different and colorful characters our teachers encounter everyday and how hard he or she tries to impose one’s will inside the classroom but in the end, the students prevail because they have an ace in their cards and that is the Tulfo card.

The video was uploaded on the 23rd of November 2019 by the Facebook page known as “El Mosquitero”.

The video began showing student #1 approached the teacher with the intent to borrow the teacher’s laptop so he can do his assignment.

The teacher, in a calm voice, asked the student why he was only doing it now.

Student #1 reasoned that his mother told him doing assignments at home is prohibited and teachers who violate will be penalized.

The teacher begrudgingly offered his laptop as soon as the operative word “Tulfo” came out of student’s lips.

Student #2 approached the teacher in tears and complaining that his classmate named Mario took his paper and punched him on the face.

The teacher confronted Mario and asked him what he just did.

Instead of showing remorse for punching a classmate, Mario angrily asked teacher why his attention was called.

The teacher did not press on and folded up quickly by telling the crying student to transfer to the front while at the same reprimanded the student for not sharing his paper.

Student #3 told the teacher he wanted to stand up from where he was at and make noise because the subject was boring. He warned the teacher not to stop him, otherwise, he will make sumbong (report him) to Tulfo.

The teacher, in a sarcastic tone, assured the student that he won’t stop him and even told the student to go ahead and make some noise and he perfectly understands him because each students have different learning styles.

Student #4 told the teacher he was sleepy and wanted to take a nap. The teacher readily caved in, to the extent of assuring student #4 he will tone down his voice while giving the class lecture to avoid disturbing his sleep. The teacher even wished the student to have sweet dreams in his sleep.

Student #5 asked for project deadline extension until next week. The teacher said it was not possible since he already gave an extension. The student angrily told the teacher to extend the deadline or he will report him to Tulfo. Scared, the teacher backtracked and announced he will extend the deadline until the last day of school.

The video has been a huge hit among Pinoy Facebook netizens, generating almost 14,000 shares, more than 9,000 reactions and 858 comments as of this writing.

One netizen reacted that the video is funny and sad at the same time. Napaka entitled ng mga students¬†😔

Another netizen agreed and commented that in the future no one wants to become a teacher. “Sad but it’s true 😔 Near in the future ito na yung mangyayare wla ng magbabalak ng mag teacher. 🤔😶”

You may watch the video below now.

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