Funny gay Drew Olivar exposes Tricia Robredo after tweet re hired online trolls, she’s cut from same cloth as Mom Leni – they are both slow in Math

Tricia Robredo, Leni’s daughter, took a swipe at the Duterte government on Twitter urging it to reprioritize.

Tricia Robredo said that if the Duterte government pays PHP 30,000-70,000 a month to hired online trolls, it can easily buy a PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) for health workers which only costs P380 and less to assemble a hot meal for health workers and ground personnel.

Funny gay Drew Olivar, a staunch Duterte supporter could not stand being labeled by the younger Robredo “paid troll” and took to Facebook to debunk the allegation in his own humorous style.

Olivar cited 11 reasons why he and rest of DDS are not paid trolls. “Mga dahilan kung bakit di kailangan ng PAID TROLLS ni PRRD at mga dahilan na hndi totoo na may PAID TROLLS ang DDS..”

Olivar said there is no reason why President Duterte would waste money when he enjoys 87% trust rating. If there is anyone who needs a black propaganda machine, it is but the minority (the Opposition).

1. 87 percent na ang trust rate nya magsasayang pa ba sya ng pera para siraan ang mga DILAWAN?? Diba ang dapat manira ay yung minority at mababa ang trust rating??

Olivar claimed it is pointless to hire trolls when the Duterte admin is the super majority in the Senate and House of Rep.

2. Super majority na sa SENATE at HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVE tapos maghahire pa ng TROLLS??

Olivar remarked that the supporters of the President are professionals not beggars. He greeted the OFWs, majority of which are Duterte supporters and earning more than 30-70K paid trolls Tricia were talking about.

3. ang mga supporters ng ating pangulo ay mga professional at hindi dayukdok.. hello po pala sa napakadaming OFW supporters ni tatay DIGONG na mas malaki pa ang sweldo sa 30-70k na sinasabi ninyong sweldo ng mga paid trolls.

Olivar asked anyone (Opposition camp) with evidence that can prove the DDS are paid trolls. But Olivar said they have receipts to prove that J0ber and the rest of dilawan trolls are paid.

4. Sino kaya ang may ebidensya jan na bayad kami??? Basta kami may hawak kaming RESIBO na binabayaran si J⚫️ber, jomel, mga organizer ng rally ninyo..

Olivar asked why would Duterte spend money for his supporters when in the 2016 election, it was the DDS who spend their money for the campaign of Duterte?

5. Gagastusan ni PRRD yung mga supporters nya? Eh nung eleksyon mga supporter nga nya ang nagtulong tulong para may panggastos at pangcampaign si PRRD diba??

Again, Olivar belied the paid troll label because the DDS can speak for free against the crooks in the Opposition.

6. Bayarang bloggers at troll kami?? Bakit naman kami magpapabayad? Kaya nga naming magsalita ng magsalita ng libre tungkol sa kabaluktutan ninyo kahit mag over time na kami eh..

Olivar said there is no point of investing on paid trolls to destroy the Opposition because they are already rotten.

7. PINOPONDOHAN ang mga PAID TROLLS para siraan kayo?? EH SIRANG SIRA na kayo tapos sisiraan pa?? Pweh

Olivar argued that paid trolls followed a script that is why their post and comments are the same while the DDS have original comments. Not repetitive that it seems someone is giving the DSS instruction what to post.

8. Ang Paid Trolls ay pareparehas ang mga post at comments, saming DDS ay original lahat!! Hndi paulit ulit na parang may nagbibigay ng instruction kung ano ang ipopost..

Olivar asked if there are trolls who can go FB LIVE and dance? Only the DDS because they are proud in supporting PRRD that is why the DDS don’t hide behind cartoon characters, plants and fruits as profile pics.

9. Paid Trolls kami?? May trolls ba na naglaLIVE at sumasayaw pa ng pepedede?? kami proud na proud kami sa pagsupport kay PRRD kaya di din namin tinatago mga pagmumukha namin. Eh kayo puro mga cartoons, halaman at prutas ang mga profile pic ninyo.

Olivar boasted it’s the DDS who wants to give their Tatay Digong a free date or even Baste, Digong’s son.

10. Kami pa nga ang gustong manlibre kay tatay digong eh. Madaya na kami na makaDATE sya or makadate si BASTE.. ensherep baste..

And lastly, Olivar claimed there are allegedly 21M or more DDS and multiply that with 70K that is equal to 1,470,000,000,000. Olivar asked Tricia if Duterte would be willing to spend money that much? He said mother and daughter are indeed cut from the same cloth – both are slow in Math.

11. Nasa 21 million mahigit na ang botanteng supporters ni PRRD .. kung 70 thousand ang swelduhan ng PAID TROLLS at imumultiply sa 21 million.. nasa 1,470,000,000,000 ang kailangang budget.. sa tingin mo maglalabas ng pera na ganun si PRRD? Parehas kayo ng nanay mo tricia na mahina talaga sa MATH

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Source: Drew Olivar

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