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Funny! Jim Paredes got owned by a troll on Twitter while defending Jesse Robredo’s brother from illegal drug trade allegation

Jim Paredes

Jim Paredes

In the wake of WAC’s exposè against Jose Manalastas Robredo, Jim Paredes took to twitter to defend Jesse’s brother.

“The lie they made up abt Butch Robredo, (Jesse’s bro) being an evil drug lord in Naga fizzled out They forgot to research that he is BLIND!”

Netizen sid4102, obviously not a fan of Jim Paredes, asked Jim if blind people are incapable of committing a crime.

Jim got back to sid4102 to put up a semblance of a fight and tweeted.

“@sid4102 Pilitin mo pa. Sige hirit pa. Ang dali mo mabola ng trolls. Actually, ikaw na ang nambobola sa sarili mo. Troll ka naman talaga”

A Jim fan joined the fray and tweeted.

Netizen 4102 aasked Jim again if blind people is incapable of committing a crime.

After this tweet, Jim retreated to the real world and left his tormentor hanging.

Another fan of Jim and a Duterte hater took the cudgel for Jim and tweeted.

A netizen using the handle Doc Alfred poked fun at Jim Paredes.

Jim’s supporters did not stop at mocking at Duterte’s supporters in the thread but one thing is certain, Jim retreated after a short skirmish with the troll.

Your thoughts, please!

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