Funny! Tiktoker Jam Magno’s reaction re Manny Pacquiao thinks he can be President

US-based Bicolano accountant and blogger Edwin Jamora shared the reaction post of Tiktoker Jam Magno to Senator Manny Pacquiao’s statement about running for or becoming President is God’s will.

Jamora wrote a caption to accompany the graphic below:

“Our friend Jam Magno!!! This girl is on fay- yeerr!”

On Manny Pacquiao’s statement that becoming a President or running for [President] is anointed by God. And whoever is put in that position is God’s will. If I was put in that position [President], I will perform my job. If God put me in that position, believe me, the happy days of the thieves in government are over. The thieves in government can set this in stone.

Jam Magno, Tiktoker and fellow Mindanaoan from Butuan City can’t help but laugh that Senator Pacquiao thinks he is going to be the next President of the Philippines. Magno said what Pacquiao thinks is ambition but it does not mean Pacquiao can be as successful one. If he becomes President, Pacquiao is no different than a puppet and worse, he will not be respected enough to lead Filipinos. The real President will be Chavit, Arum or Biden but not Pacquiao.

“Myanmar feels will be real,” Magno warned.

Commenting on the Edwin Jamora’s thread, one netizen sought Pacquiao’s clarification whether the god he is referring is same god who will anoint him? The netizen told Pacquiao not to mock God by saying he is qualified therefore he will get God’s anointment when the true God is all knowing and he will not anoint someone who is unfit to become the President.

“Matanong ko nga itong idolo ko sa boksing sa boksing lang ha at hindi sa politics, #MannyPacquiao dong sa palagay mo dahil nasabi mo na kung annointed by God ilalagay talaga niya pero sa palagay mo is the god you are referring is the same god that will annoint you? dont mock God by saying na parang qualified ka nga na e aannoint niya na ang true God is all knowing at hindi siya mag annoint ng alam niya na wala itong kakayahang maging presidente.”

Another netizen commented Pacquiao can dream because it’s free but he cannot hope of becoming the President of the Philippines . “Mangarap ka na lng manny tutal libre lng nmn eh wag ng umasang magiging presidente ka ng pinas maawa ka sa pinas utang na loob”

“Manny, your statement only shows how ignorant you are in politics. Please don’t use God in your political ambition,” a third netizen told Pacquiao not to use God for his political ambition.


Source: Edwin Jamora

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