Furious Duterte supporter challenges Winnie Monsod: At kay Mrs. Monsod, next time po, let’s do it LIVE

There is a meme doing the rounds online that infuriates one of the foremost socmed bloggers sympathetic to President Duterte. Why?

According to her, the meme puts to shame two prominent pro-Duterte socmed bloggers and make Mrs. Monsod look smart and rational.

Check out the image below now.

Unless you watch the entire show, you will get the impression that Atty. Rivera and Mocha Uson are nothing but blood thirsty fanatic who condones violence and will defend President Duterte at all cost.

On one hand, you will think that Mrs. Monsod is one heck of a smart woman and the voice of reason.

Ms. Reyes who had the privilege of accompanying her socmed blogger friends when the TV episode was recorded clarified that Atty. Rivera was only trying to correct the deception that TV host Mrs. Monsod tried to pull off during the show.

Angry and obviously disappointed how things have panned out, Ms. Reyes issued a challenge to Mrs. Monsod to do an encore of the show ¬†“live” and unscripted.

Check out the full text of the post below.


So, this meme is going around to try to put to shame two of the fiercest socmed bloggers, Atty. Bruce V. Rivera & MOCHA USON BLOG and make Mrs. Monsod look smart and rational.

Sabi nga ni Aling Loida, “It does not need to be true. It just needs to look like it.” That’s exactly what Mrs. Monsod and this meme is trying to achieve.

Pero ano ba ang totoo at sino ba ang bobo at may masamang motibo?

I was there during the taping and I observed and took note of what transpired:

Bruce’s statement saying, “There are only 2,300 killed related to drugs” was in direct response to Mrs. Monsod’s echoing of Mrs. Robredo’s stupid statement that there are now more than 7,000 drug related killings. It was meant to correct that disinformation.

Now, either the host did not do her homework or was simply following the footsteps of Mrs. Robredo who wants the people to believe that 7,000+ were killed in relation to the drug war. When Bruce politely pointed out their misleading & distorted figure, Monsod quickly retorted with, “2,300 killed, is that acceptable?”.

I see her lame response as a desperate attempt to not make her look like an idiot and yellow propaganda machine. I see it as an attempt to vilify Bruce.

To further discredit the guests and to defend Mrs. Robredo, a VTR of an amateur lawyer (Falcis) was presented saying that Mrs. Robredo was just being truthful in that UN video, that everything she said on the drug related killings and “palit-ulo” were truthful.

Pathetic. Pasaway. That lawyer. That episode.

Bruce, Mocha, Rocky Gonzales, and myself, have never and will never condone senseless killings. But I’m sure, anyone in his/her right mind will agree with us:

1. That the reported murder & homicide cases during previous admin: 11,500/yr (low) to 16,200/yr (high) in 2010-2015 (many of which are innocent victims of riding in tandem and poor victims of people under the influenced of drugs) were far worse than the 6,000+ deaths under investigation (DUI, drug + non-drug related death) total for 9 months under this new admin

2. That +/- 35% drop in over all crime rate is worth appreciating

3. That 2,300 +/- is way lower than 7,000+

4. That having 1.2 million drug personalities who surrendered (alive!) and were arrested (unharmed!) and with merely 1/5 of 1% (0.2%) related death is a remarkable achievement

Kaya ikaw Falcis, before you even hurl a challenge to Bruce or Mocha, pwede ba mag aral ka muna at magpaganda! Sa highschool students pa lang di ka na uubra, kay Atty. Bruce pa kaya! Manginig ka nga, oi!

At kay Mrs. Monsod, next time po, let’s do it LIVE. Pili ka na lang sa min kung sino gusto mo. Sama mo pa Falcis, Madam Claudia, at Georgina. Basta LIVE. Unscripted. Unedited.


(I know it’s Good Friday and I respect the people who may have chosen to refrain from writing or reading political posts. For me though, correcting false information knows no holiday.)”

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