Furious Jay Sonza slams House Speaker Alvarez amid feud with Sarah Duterte, calls him “walang utang na loob”,”crazy”

Just in: House Speaker Bebot Alvarez denied the allegation of Sarah Duterte-Carpio allegedly saying the presidential daughter is part of the opposition.

“Hindi ko alam kung saan nanggaling yung kwento na yun pero wala akong sinabi na part ng opposition. Paano maging part ng opposition yan ay part yan ng administration? Baka meron lang nagsabi ng mali siguro.” I don’t know where that story originated. I did not say the she is part of the opposition. How can she be part of the opposition when is part of the administration? Perhaps, somebody feed her the wrong information.

Credits to News5 for the photo.

The alleged Alvarez statement inspired the combative presidential daughter Sarah Duterte-Carpio to write the now famous “hugot on “Instagram that gathered more than 7,000 likes 8 hours after posting it.

On Instagram, Sarah writes:

“Kung asshole ka sa Congress, don’t bring that to Davao, leave it in Manila. Somebody should tell the President what you are doing. How dare you call me part of the opposition. Kapal ng mukha mo. You messed with the wrong girl.”

Before Alvarez issued the denial on primetime news, veteran journalist Jay Sonza lashed at the House Speaker on Facebook, calling him “walang utang na loob” or debt of gratitude in English.

Sonza remarked that Alvarez just kissed his political future good-bye!

Sonza cited 3 reasons why he thinks Alvarez’s political future is dead.

First, he disrespected the Floirendo family who gave the House Speaker his break in politics. Sonza said it was the money and influence of the late Don Antonio Floirendo that opened the door for Alvarez in politics.

Second, he just messed with the daughter of the President who helped him bagged the House leadership. Again, Sonza reminded Alvarez about the importance of “utang na loob” something that Filipinos still value today.

Third, he has proven to be a disruptive force within the party that handed him the House speakership. In Sonza’s words, “Ginulo mo ang partidong nagluklok sa iyo sa puwesto, hindi lamang sa iyong distrito/probinsiya, kundi sa pangkalahatan.”

To end his Facebook post, Sonza told Alvarez he is crazy. Because of all people, he picked a fight with Sarah Duterte-Carpio and Tony Boy Floirendo.

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