Furious La Salle prof bares reason why Taguiwalo is given a hard time to get nomination for DSWD post

While Sen. Alan Cayetano hurdled the CA confirmation swiftly, the same cannot be said of DSWD Sec. Judy Taguiwalo.

The night and day treatment accorded to Taguiwalo and Cayetano by members of the Commission of Appointments did not escape the sharp-eyed La Salle professor Antonio Contreras.

La Salle professor Antonio Contreras noted that members of the CA (Commission of Appointment) did not waste no time in confirming Cayetano’s nomination as DFA Secretary while DSWD Secretary Judy Taguiwalo has been given a tough time.

The La Salle professor laid the blame squarely on Taguiwalo’s refusal to allow the old practice of patronage politics to continue under her watch as a conduit for PDAF to gain legitimacy.

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I am sorry. I could not justify the action of the Commission on Appointments today. Not even if I agreed when it voted down Gina Lopez’ nomination.

I could not settle with accepting the notion that this is just politics as usual when they refuse to confirm Judy Taguiwalo. Not when we rail at the same politics as usual of the yellows, and condemn to high heavens the wheelings and dealings in PDAF and in the MRT. Not when we celebrate a Presidency that promised change.

The ease by which Alan Cayetano got confirmed, when objectively he has zero experience as a diplomat, when contrasted to the qualifications of Judy Taguiwalo, makes me erupt in rage.

Judy is being punished for refusing to legitimize the remnants of the PDAF and use DSWD as the conduit for a kind of patronage that has since been ruled as unconstitutional by the Supreme Court.

Shame on you CA. Shame!

For the nth time, the Commission of Appointment has postponed the hearing on Taguiwalo’s nomination on the morning she was scheduled to appear.

According to media reports, Taguiwalo’s hearing has been rescheduled for next week.

Let us read the comments and see how the social media reacts.

Fidel ObiƱa Sosa wrote: “So much agree to this Prof.
Wala akong problema sa mabilis na pagkumpirma kay sen. APC, pero kitang kita talaga na SELECTIVE ang mga pulitikong ‘to sa kung sino lang ang gusto nila, yun ang masusunod.”

Joy Jimenez remarked: “This is a shame really. Because they just confirmed the corruption amongst them!”

Tom Berenguer said: “Congress should be abolished. Let’s start fresh.”

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