Furious MAPEH public school teacher exposes yet another fake news from Rappler

Popular blogger Sass Rogando Sasot helped a MAPEH public high school teacher exposed yet another fake news from Rappler.

The MAPEH teacher from Manuel G. Araullo High School was referring to the photo shared by Rappler on their social media account.

Actually, it was how Rappler captioned the photo that earned them the ire of the MAPEH teacher from the sad school.

Check out the image containing Rappler’s caption of the controversial photo.

As soon as the letter sender saw Rappler’s post on social media, the teacher did not waste time and wrote a letter to Sass Rogando Sasot debunking Rappler’s claim “students sat on the floor due lack of chairs.”

You may read the MAPEH teacher’s version versus Rapplers below.


Hi Miss Sass.

Im attaching a picture of the opening of classes in our school captioned by Rappler, a genuine fake news site.

The students were seated properly at the rumpus of the Science building. The teacher is teaching Grade 10 MAPEH and CAT. It was an early morning schedule so, hindi ganun kaingay and all of the students are inside the classroom. Madami namang chairs available but the teacher prefer not to use any because he’s proactively teaching.

I don’t get why would this fake news site refer that there was lack of chairs? Eh nasa gilid lang naman ng teacher yung mga monoblocks. He can easily get and use it.

Madaming namang sumakay sa post na to ng Rappler that the goverment is not prioritizing the welfare of the students. Ang laki ng budget ng goverment sa DepEd. Puro na lang sila sita. Wala naman silang naitulong. Kung sana ung kinuda nila eh tumulong na lang sila, edi sana mas maganda ang kinabukasan ng lahat ng batang nag-aaral.

Hehe. Wag niyo na lang po sana ipost ung name ko. Salamat po. 😊

MAPEH Teacher
Manuel G. Araullo High School

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