Furious netizen tells us why the YELLOWS silenced Atty. Darwin Canete for standing in their way to stage a comeback?

We already knew it! Atty. Darwin Canete’s account has been mass reported by the YELLOWS to punish him for telling the truth!

Facebook user ‘Ricakintana’ took to Facebook echoing the sentiment of the followers of Atty. Darwin Canete that he was a victim of the Yellows political maneuvering to silence critics who stand in their way to return to power at all cost.

Let us read the post below.

Why are the YELLOWS so interested in NOT having Darwin Canete’s side heard? He was there. And now, Canete’s FB account has been taken down. Only two things can do that:

1) The account owner chose to deactivate it. And why would Mr. Canete do that? FB is a forum where he can freely express his views on whatever he wants.
2) Somebody reported the account to FB administrators to have it shut down.

And now of course, we have Drilon asking (or telling) the DOJ Secretary to relieve (nay, I believe the words used by Rappler was “immediately axe”) the city prosecutor for his “very disturbing reasoning” because the prosecutor said HE DOUBTS Kian De los Santos is as INNOCENT as everyone says so.

Everybody is entitled to his opinion. And if the city prosecutor said that De los Santos is not AS INNOCENT as everyone says, then it is up to him to prove it. The YELLOWS know the power of social media. they have capitalized on it before. So basically, they are preventing adverse opinions from RUINING what they have obviously set out to do, to make Kian De los Santos’ death a rallying point to stage their comeback.



P.S. And to Rappler, again, huwag naman po masyadong obvious. Nakakahiya na po kayo. And you have the nerve to call yourself a news organization. tsk tsk tsk.

Your thoughts on this?

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