Gabby Lopez & kins withdrawal from public amid uncertainty of ABS-CBN network baffles retired broadcaster Jay Sonza, netizens offer varied explanation

Retired broadcaster Jay Sonza is indeed a man on mission to avenge a personal grudge against the Lopezes, his formers bosses in ABS-CBN who made his life miserable, together with co-host Mel Tiangco many years ago.

In a Facebook post, Sonza couldn’t help but wonder why the Lopez’s are hiding and refuses to answer both public and court charges labeled against their companies. “Why can’t the Lopez’s answer both the public and court charges level against their companies.”

Sonza noted that the company’s finance guy answers the SEC charges.

Sens. Frank Drilon and Grace Poe are lawyering for them in the Senate against the quo warranto.

Rep. Lagman, Atienza, Zarate, and 12 others have been speaking on their behalf of their franchise renewal.

Boy Abunda, Vice Ganda, Karen Davila, Anne Curtis, Regine Velasquez are propagating and doing hominems on behalf of the network.

Meanwhile, the voice of Peter Rabbit (Peter Musngi) fills the airwaves with how good and caring the network is – plugs and semi docus.

The Station producer Engelbert Apostol have been going around the rounds telling people that abs cbn is no tax delinquent.

In the meantime, the owners, the Lopez’s, the patriarch Eugenio “Gabby” Lopez III and company president Martin Lopez are nowhere in sight or has never been heard of. They won’t even sign legal documents.

This netizen summarized the Lopezes strategy amid the troubles are facing. “ABS is using the power of the so called Fourth Estate – Media and all its political allies who somewhat is its creation during the campaigns. Bayad utang muna. This is there first line of defense and they assume its effective as they do in EDSA. But we can see if the rule of law and justice base on evidences and compliance to legal processes can exonerate ABS from this challenge.”

Another netizen offered his explanation why Gabby Lopez is nowhere in sight. “Feeling ni gabby sya ang high and mighty!! tagataas lang ng daliri gagalaw na mga puppets!!”

“They pay good money for these money hungry people who already sold their souls and are willing to lose their dignity but not their jobs and source of income. They have attack dogs that lick their dirty asses so why break a sweat,” this netizen chimed in.

IMO, this netizen perfectly explains the attitude of the Lopezes. “Because the Lopezes are the puppet masters.”

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Source: Jay Sonza

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