“Gawaing duwag yung tira ni Manny” —Davaoeno but MM-based prosecutor on Manny Pacquiao attacking friend & ally PRRD

Government prosecutor and Dabawenyo but Metro Manila-based Atty. Darwin Canete has written a brief but no-fluff analysis how Manny Pacquiao lost the coveted and possible anointment of President Duterte as his successor when steps down in July 2022.

IF Sara Duterte remain adamant from throwing her hat in the 2022 presidential derby.

On Facebook, Canete blamed Pacquiao for misjudging the situation. Fair criticism would have been accpetable.

“Pacquiao grossly misread the situation between him and PRRD. ok sana yung fair criticism.”

Canete implied the existence of unwritten rule between men which he said Pacquiao violated. Whether he was aware or not, that we can only speculate.

“But men know that there are steps to be taken. Dumakdak kaagad sa media itong pambansang uto-uto. There is a bro code at work and Pacquiao broke it.”

Canete said Pacquiao should have talk to President Duterte in private before attempting his stunts.

“Kinausap at hinarap muna niya dapat si PRRD bago siya nagpasiklab.”

Canete took a swipe at Pacquiao taking a jab at his friend and ally PRRD out of nowhere.

“Gawaing duwag yung tira ni Manny. Real men talk differently. Men of substance and gravity move differently.”

“Why do you think men in uniform have such a low respect for Tonyong kanin?” Canete quizzed his FB readers.

Canete was kind enough to supply the answer and not leaving his readers hanging in the air.

“It’s because he talks like an unreliable egotistical blowhard.”

Canete’s FB post has been a huge hit among his FB followers, generating 3,255 reactions, 151 comments and 176 shares in just 3 hours and counting.

Let us read the reactions of netizens by reading their comments.

“super agree! it seems di natanggap ang memo na ayaw na ng tao ang epal moves, typical trapo! “puso” my ass! puso sa saging tibakon!🤣

“If he is wise enough. He should have talk to PRRD. Situation could have been differently.”

“The truth is, Pacquiao is an imbecile, a fool. Ambitious too.”

Mahina talaga ang utak ni Pakyaw!!!! Ni wala nga syang sariling political party tapos ganyan pa syaPapaano na ngayon yan?? Sisipain na sya ng PDP dahil kinakalaban na nya ang Chairman nito?? Saang partito sya sisingit ngayon??? Yong UNA ni Binay na lang ang pag asa nya na partido eh partially dead na yon. Kung wala syang political party wala syang chances na mananalo sa election



Source: Darwin Canete

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