Geez, you really don’t know how to count – Thinking Pinoy to supporters of BBM-Sara tandem rivals laughing at El-Shaddai endorsement

Mike Velarde’s El-Shaddai has already announced this early that the biggest Catholic group is endorsing the BBM-Sara UniTeam, basically slamming the door to other presidential aspirants who are hoping to get the endorsement of the religious group.

However, in the ambush interview with CNN Philippines, Velarde revealed that no other presidential aspirants approached him for the coveted endorsement except BBM and Sara. [Link here]

Velarde also revealed to CNN Philippines that he was sold to the idea of BBM’s message of unity because it’s about time, he said.

While BBM-Sara supporters welcome the El-Shaddai endorsement, the supporters of the rival presidential aspirants allegedly reacted by laughing at the endorsement.

Thinking Pinoy aka RJ Nieto took to Facebook to confront those who laughed at the endorsement and quipped that these people clearly do not know how to count.

TP was apparently saying that El Shaddai endorsement is nothing to scoff at because they have millions of members. Although, they are not as solid as the INC block voting, which is also admitted by Bro. Velarde, still they are force to reckon with in Philippine election. [INQ]

Here are some of the comments of netizens below.

Even though hindi block voting ang El Shaddai, okay na okay pa rin 👍👍 sana a significant amount of members will vote

El Shaddai means God(El) Almighty(Shaddai). It’s better to use believers of El Shaddai. And don’t make fun of those names guys, really. There are millions of us all over the world.

El Shaddai din nagpanalo ke Erap noon.. wag nila mamaliitin ang kakayahan makapaghakot ng boto ang mga religious groups.

Hindi man block voting ang El Shaddai at least may influence pa din ang endorsement sa decision ng members. This is good than nothing, better than the cringey coming of all religions kuno for Lenlen ng Catholic Church. Juzmio, pinagdamit pa nung kung anu anong ethnic groups kuno at may Muslim pa kunwari – which is a no-no, according to my previous Muslim co-worker. They could not even sing a Christmas song, papasukin mo pa sa simbahan?

Wala ng hihigit na endorsement pa, kundi yung galing sa boss ni TP na si Son of God. Mas mahihigitan pa yung mga pari at pastor na nag indorso ng candidate.Boss ni TP lang ang sakalam.


Source: Thinking Pinoy

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