Gen. Antonio Parlade fires back at senators critics in latest FB post: Cui bono? Who stands to gain from defunding NTF-ELCAC?

After a brief silence due to issues with his FB account, NTF-ELCAC Spox announced his return to normal FB programming by firing a shot towards his senator critics.

But before that, the General thanked netizens for rallying behind him.

“Thanks everyone for all the support. Sorry for the delayed response coz I was again blocked for a post I made Feb daw.”

Without further delay, the general went to the offensive, questioning the senators who want the NTL-ELCAC defunded whether they are in touch in with the realities on the ground, especially on issues of the impoverished and most isolated parts of our archipelago? “Do these senators even have the time to listen tp the plights of our IPs, the NPA’s favorite group to exploit?” the general asked.

“Going back to the issue of defunding the NTF ELCAC, who are these Senators who want it scrapped? Are they still grounded on the issues affecting our citizens in the most isolated and impoverished recesses of our archipelago? Do they know how it is to live in Geographically Isolated and Disadvantaged Areas (GIDAS)? To be neglected by the government for so long, some of them have seen the face of govt only in recent years? Do these Senators even have the energy to listen to the plight of our IPs, long exploited by the CPP NPA because of government absence?”

The general said he is about to retire but exuded confidence that before hanging up his uniform, they have the NTF to deliver the fatal blow to the insurgency not by bombs but bombarding government services to NPA-infested areas via the Barangay Development Funds to capacitate and empower LCEs (local chief executives) and help them win back the hearts and minds of the communities to their government.

“I am about to retire and Im lucky that before I hang my uniform we found this NTF who can really deliver the final blow to this insurgency. No, not bombs but tons of goods and services that the AFP has been wanting the government to deliver to communities the AFP previously cleared, abandoned, recovered by the NPAs, and cleared again. This time the AFP is not alone in going back to these barangays but with us are the engineers to build farm to market roads, bridges, irrigation, health centers, schools, water system. Technicians are there to teach livelihood and other skills people needed to earn a living. The Mayors and Governors have been begging for these support for the longest time because year after year these projects have been relegated as NON PRIORITY. The NTF fought for this budget called Brgy Devt Program in order to capacitate and empower the LCEs and help them win back the trust of the communities to their government.”

To the consternation of the General, members of the NTF-ELCAC and the public in general, the senators are undermining the government’s effort to end the insurgency by imputing malicious allegation versus the NFT-ELCAC funds. They want to re-align the budget because the NTF-ECLAC Spox is disrespectful. For the sake of argument they are correct about the NTF Spox, Parlade asked if they are make good of their threat and, will they let the opportunity of ending the communist insurgency passed by because of personal issues?

But look what’s happening. Some Senators started branding the NTF ELCAC fund as pork pork pork barrel or largesse. They wanted it realigned to other programs because of “irresponsible” and “disrespectful” NTF Spox. Assuming that this is true, are they really serious about removing this funding for the NTF ELCAC, hence prolong some more the LOCAL COMMUNIST ARMED CONFLICT?

“Cui bono?” The general ended the FB post by asking, “who stands to gain?”



Thanks everyone for all the support. Sorry for the delayed response coz I was again blocked for a post I made Feb…

Posted by Antonio Parlade on Sunday, May 2, 2021

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