Gen. Bucayu’s slip of the tongue confirms de Lima visited Jaybee Sebastian’s “kubol”

Previously, Bilibid inmates alleged Senator Leila de Lima has visited Jaybee Sebastian’s “kubol” several times but no one believes them until now!

However, on the resumption of the congressional probe on the illicit drug trade in the National Bilibid Prison, the rumor was inadvertently confirmed by no less than the man who owed his job in the Bureau of Corrections to Senator de Lima when she was then Secretary of Justice in the Pnoy administration.

Give the credit to Leyte Rep. Vincente Veloso whose keen eye forced Former Bureau of Corrections (BuCor) director Gen. Franklin Bucayu to capitulate under intense interpellation.

But before that, Bucayo was interpellated by Negros Oriental Rep. Arnulfo Teves, who noticed the change of complexion of Gen. Bucayu.

Bucayu was asked by Teves how many times De Lima visited her alleged favored drug lord Sebastian. Bucayu answered: “Wala po (never), as far as I can remember.”

Bucayu told the Congressman he was the fourth director that time and three years had already passed before he came in.

The eagle-eyed Rep. Teves saw the pale color in Bucayu’s face.

“Are you telling the truth? Bakit kayo namumutla?” Teves asked.

Bucayu tried to reason his way out by saying he was only trying to remember what happened at the time.

When Teves said Bucayu should be charged of command responsibility over the proliferation of the illegal drug trade, Bucayu thinks otherwise.

He said the superintendents on the ground were the ones running the national penitentiary.

Teves said Bucayu was only passing the buck instead of manning up, again noting the nervous demeanor of the former Bucor official.

Obyus sa hitsura, nakikita kong nagsisinungaling ka.

Leyte Rep. Vincente Veloso picked up where Rep Teves left off and asked Bucayu again if he knows whether or not De Lima visited Sebastian inside his quarters or “kubol.”

To your recollection, pumapasok ba si De Lima sa kubol ni Jaybee Sebastian (Did De Lima enter Jaybee Sebastian’s quarters)?

Taking a short pause, Bucayu finally uttered the word everyone was waiting for a long time:” Yes, your honor, to my recollection. I think there was one time, nung may naghagis ng granada.”

Gen. Bucayu meant that De Lima visited Sebastian in his “kubol” after a grenade attack against Sebastian inside Bilibid.

Bucayu recalled De Lima entered Sebastian’s quarters but he chose to remain outside.

“Ikaw, hindi ka pumasok sa kubol ni Sebastian pero si Secretary De Lima pumasok sa kubol dahil may naghagis ng granada? Anong pinagkaiba niyo ni Secretary De Lima?” the congressman looking perplexed.

Veloso asked Bucayu why it appeared he was not worried about Sebastian.

Bucayu told Veloso he was concerned about the ongoing investigation.

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Source: Philippine Daily Inquirer


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