Get to know the oldest Filipino body builder in the world, his pain and his dream of a lifetime!

Ramon Lopez Oldest Body Builder in the World

Ramon Lopez the unofficial oldest body builder in the world from Cebu City is almost down on his luck, but he wants to fulfill a dream before he bade farewell from this world according to the impassioned letter a netizen and a friend wrote.

But before we proceed, allow me to give you a short backgrounder of this amazing man.

Ramon Lopez aka “Super Lolo ng Cebu” is already 91 years old and still lifting weights since he was in his humble gym where he imparts his wealth of knowledge in body building to newbies and serious body builders for less than a dollar per session. He was born on December 25, 1924 in Cebu City.

According to the letter sender, he is in awe of the old man because despite his advanced age, he is still very active and looks very healthy. He picked up the hobby when he was in his mid-thirties.

But behind the jovial demeanor is a sad and lonely old man living alone in a bedroom that used to be the toilet of his gym where he spends private moments with his younger girlfriend. Lolo Ramon would jokingly say that having an active sex life is his own version of the so-called “elixir of life.”

Lolo Ramon Lopez has 4 sons with a family of their own. They would drop by once in a while to visit him, but don’t stay long because they are also busy with their own lives raising a family.

Lolo Ramon has had issues with his prostate and his sons would drop by for his medicine. But they would quickly evaporate as soon as they can leaving Lolo Ramon alone without the company of the family that he longs to be with in times like this. But please, don’t pass judgment on his kids because we don’t know what their going through. Life is hard!

Lolo Ramon is pre-occupied running the gym that cooking his own food is no longer an option. He has a “suki” carinderia though, where he buys his meal.

His income running the gym barely get him by but as a “SENIOR” citizen, he receives an honorarium from the City of Cebu and an SSS pension to supplement his earnings as a body building instructor.

Lolo Ramon has so far survived all the challenges life has thrown at him including the prostate scare. but his greatest battle is the impending demolition of his gym and his house. Losing his gym means losing the livelihood that has been good to the old man for several decades. The old man said, losing the gym is like losing a beloved child and he feels like he is already at the end of his colorful life.

Lolo Ramon aka “Super Lolo ng Cebu” has got one wish before he bade farewell from this world and that is to be recognized in the Guinness Book of World Records” as the oldest body builder in the world and he needs the help of every Filipinos to make his dream a reality.

If you wish to see Lolo Ramon Lopez in person, you may visit him at Jonquera st. Cebu City. You may also give him a call via the numbers provided 09069214546/09336679708 and talk to him should you have any questions.

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