After getting exposed for lying about Matobato, Senator de Lima walks out of Gordon, senate hearing

Today’s hearing on EJK’s was punctuated yet again by a de Lima walkout after Senator Gordon accused her of concealing a material evidence on national TV.

The de Lima walk out came after a verbal tussle between her and Gordon ensued when the latter lashed at her for hiding the material fact that Edgar Matobato was charged of kidnapping by Sali Makdum’s common-law wife for the abduction of her partner.

If you’d recall, Matobato claimed in his testimony that Sali Makdum was killed in 2002 and he said repeatedly.

When the kidnapping case against Matobato came into light, the senate committee wants to recall Matobato to the witness chair.

However, when Matobato’s exit came into light, Senators Gordon and Lacson lashed out at Matobato for leaving the senators hanging up in the air.

Then, Gordona lashed at de Lima for concealing the kidnapping case already filed against Matobato.

It was incontrovertible that she was in possession of a knot that she herself made. That was so devastating, it could have been said while Matobato was lying here that there was a case na fi-nile sa kaniya ng NBI na kidnapping for ransom.

Senator de Lima argued that there was nothing reveal in the beginning since Matobato already said it during the hearing.

But Gordon would not have any of de Lima’s word.

Trillanes ran to the rescue of de Lima and took the podium, reading the portion of the transcript of the senate’s notes wherein Matobato was telling the senate committee about a kidnapping case filed against him.

At this juncture, Trillanes said de Lima warranted an apology from Gordon.

Gordon insists there was no need for an apology and accused de Lima of deliberately concealing the information from the very beginning.

Gordon said when Matobabato was testifying, is incumbent for de Lima to inform the senate that this guy have a case filed so that they can call on the NBI to produce a testimony.

De Lima maintained her position that there was no concealment from the very beginning since Matobato already did it as the senate records shows.

But Gordon argued that the concealment was done perhaps not by Matobato but the concealment was done by you.

At this point, de Lima can be seen picking up her folders containing her notes and left.

Please check out the video below wherein de Lima exited the senate floor.

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Source: GMA News


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