Gibo Teodoro to armchair analysts who oppose airstrikes: Airstrikes are used not only to neutralize targets but also to protect our troops

As the government troops find itself fighting a well-entrenched and determined enemies, the military resorted to air strikes to soften enemy positions.

In light of the destruction and deaths that comes with air bombings, some are calling the military to stop using air strikes as an option in the battle to retake Marawi from the Maute and ASG militants.

Former Department of National Defense Secretary Gilbert “Gibo” Teodoro took to Facebook sharing his two cents worth on the use of air strikes.

Read the post below.

“Airstrikes are used not only to neutralize targets but also to protect our troops from greater harm. It also helps to end engagements quicker rather than prolonging fighting. It is a legitimate tool at the disposal of government forces when the engagement commander determines that its use is appropriate and reasonable given the level of the threat faced. Damage to property is an unfortunate consequence not only of airstrikes but of any weapon, yet we must ask what piece of property is worth the life of a single soldier? On the other hand the real menace is the fact that the Maute gang takes refuge in dwellings and other urban locations, use rocket propelled grenades without regard to surroundings, ieds, snipe at civilians, rob, pillage, murder, and terrorize! This is the threat faced. This is what must be condemned!”

As of this writing, the post has gathered 619 shares, 2,152 reactions and 74 comments on Facebook.

Let us read how the social media reacts to Gibo Teodoro’s post.

Lelly de Asis remarked: “Airstrike is a bitter pill that we have to swallow to heal Marawi… thank you for your very clear and precise explanation… hoping the people at the other side of the fence will understand…
A soldier’s life is always worth more…
SALUTE! To our brave soldiers who keeps freedom alive!”

Vic Burgos wrote: “I hope the article posted by the former DND Secretary, Gibo Teodoro Will clear the minds of those people who does not understand the real situation on the ground of Marawi City. Hoping too that the article will reach the eyes and empty mind of Sen. Hontiveros.”

John-Fidel Pascubillo commented: “exactly! In war there is always collateral damage. The interests of the many outweigh that of the few.”

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