Girl uploads a video of a taxi driver who argue with them, but instead of receiving online support, netizens bashed her

In the age of social media, netizens run to Facebook to air a complaint and get instant resolution of their issues rather than to the nearest police station.

More of than not, one’s grievances are resolved quickly with the help of the online community because the ‘bayanihan’ spirit of the Filipinos come into play. Among westerners, this is called ‘crowdsourcing’.

However, it’s not all the time that the complainant on Facebook gets the support of the community, rather they got bashed.

Such is the case of Ashby, who complained about taxi driver Leopoldo Domingo, whom they hired in January 13, 2017.

According to Ashby, the trouble started right from the get go when his father hired the taxi driver and gave him direction which route to use and avoid traffic. Instead of following the instruction, the taxi driver allegedly insisted to use an alternative route (short cut), but the traffic is heavier.

The situation turned from bad to worse when the driver refused to accede to the father and daughter’s request to drop by at the Mercury drug store to run an errand, located along the route before proceeding to their destination and then leave.

The reason the driver thumbed down their request, according to Ashby, was that it is an added hassle on his part.

The argument between the taxi driver and the passengers led them to the parking lot of Mercury Drug and finally to the police precinct located nearby when someone called the police to intervene.

To know the full story, check the screengrab of Ashby’s original post on Facebook.

Ashby decided to deactivate her Facebook account to stop her post from spreading online after she got bashed by netizens instead of getting the support that she seek when uploading the video.

To the chagrin of Ashby, someone already downloaded her video, screengrab her post and reposted it on Facebook.

Since then, the video has taken off, garnering more than 2.3 million views, 5976 shares, 14,681 comments and 17,000 reactions on Facebook and counting.

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