Giselle Tongi joins Ella Cruz bashed party on Twitter but ended up fending off accusation she lied about marching in EDSA 1986

On Twitter, Giselle Tongi aka G. Toengi, when the US-based actress was still active in Philippine showbiz, rebuked Ella Cruz for saying ‘history is akin to chismis or gossip’.

Giselle Tongi told Ella Cruz that actors don’t need to justify the villainy of their roles. The US-based actress said she would love to share with Ella how at 8 years old in 1986 she marched to the streets, along with countless others who are part of history which Ella dismissing as ‘HERE say’. Giselle Tongi told Ella to stop it like she was reprimanding her daughter. It feels like erasure, Giselle Tongi said.

On Facebook, the FB page VOVph shared the screenshot of Giselle Tongi’s tweet and wrote the following caption:

Tsismis: G Tongi marched the streets of EDSA at 8 yrs old in 1986

Why Giselle Tongi’s claim she marched the streets of EDSA in 1986 as an 8-year old as chismis, an article from the Inquirer news archive tells us why!

Fact: G Tongi was born in France.. she was raised by her mother in New York and came to live with her in Manila when she was 15

The actress commented on VOVph FB thread and said that Inquirer got their facts wrong. A certain Don Soria replied to the actress and demanded evidence to back up her claim like photo of her growing up in the Philippines or marching in EDSA before he can start differentiating which one is part of history and which part is just chismis.


Source: VOVph

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