Gloc9’s innocent looking photo stirs hornet’s nest; accuses rapper of selling his principle

The photo of Gloc9 performing on stage during a Binay campaign sortie angered his legion of fans; saw it as an open endorsement for the politician.

Gloc9 lambasted by netizens for supporting Binay

Credits to Gloc9

In a Facebook post shared more than 500 times, the Facebook page Senyora Santibanez published the photo with the caption that perhaps played a role in eliciting an adverse reaction from netizens who thought the local rap artist is faithful to what he preaches in his rap songs.

The famous local rap artist has been known for blending rap music with socially relevant theme lyrics that often times make a veiled reference to traditional politicians as one of the causes of our social ills.

Sabi mo nga gloc-9 sa kanta mo: Ang mga bontanteng Pilipino ay ‘di mga bobo. Lumiyab pag madilim, ituwid ang tiwali.

In case you want to hear one of Gloc9’s popular songs that preaches about choosing candidates properly, I suggest you hit the play button below and listen to the song.

Mixed reactions of netizens to Gloc9’s controversial photo:

Fred D. Villacampa wrote:

Taong wala dignidad at prensipyo… Hanggang kanta ka lang pala gloc 9… All these years idol pa naman kita…Rough translation: A man with no dignity and principle. You are only good in your songs Gloc 9. All these years, you are my idol.

Jayps Llorente wrote:

Minsan talaga naiisip ko yung mga artist na paaktibista at maka masa eh nag aaktiaktibistahan lang para sa ratings eh yun kasi uso sa mga kabataan eh yung mga tipong galit sa gobyerno ang datingan lol taas ratings nyan… kulokoy din pala oh well choice nya yan eh la tayo mggwa..Rough translation: Sometimes, I can’t help but think that some artist/performers who project themselves as social activist and being pro-poor is nothing but a ploy for the ratings’ sake. Because that sells to the younger generation who are angry at the government…Lol it’s all about the ratings. He is an asshole. Well that his his choice. We can do nothing about it.

Edison Batac wrote:

Mukhang nkalimutan mo na Gloc ang mga itinuro ni Francis M. sayo.. hehe! may pagkakataon ka pa para magbago ’til May 9. #WrongMoveGloc9. Hwag kang masyadong halata, bato bato sa langit, ang matamaa’y h’wag magalit..Rough translation: Looks like you forgot the teachings of your mentor, Francis M. Hehe. Anyway, there is still time to change until May 9. Don’t be too obvious. If this applies to you, hope you won’t get mad.

Donz Camanga Gernale wrote:

Nakaka disappoint na makitang andyan ka nangangampanya sa partidong yan pero gayun pa man nirerespeto ko ang karapatan mo bilang Pilipino na pumili ng gusto mong iluklok sa pwesto… Naway gabayan taung lahat sa pagpili ng tamang tao bilang maging pangulo….Rough translation: Very disappointing to see you campaigning on behalf of that party. Anyway, I respect your right as a Filipino to choose the candidate you want to put in the position. Hoped, we are all guided in choosing the right candidate for the Presidency.

Dianne Panganiban wrote:

Ang laki ng repeto ko ky gloc 9 dhil kumaknta sya ng mga ngyayari s bayan kso isa rin pla syang mukhang pera tulad ng iba alam nya nmang ang pinangbabayad s knila ay puro nakaw hays buhay nga nman ang nggwa ng pera s tao sorry daming nabawas n mga fans mo…eto syo. I have high respect for Gloc9 because of his rap songs about what is happening to our country, But he is just like the rest who is easily bought with money. Did he know that the money used in paying for his services was stolen from government coffers. Oh life, money is indeed powerful and can do wonders to men. Sorry, but you just lose a lot of fans. This is for you.

Perhaps, alarmed by the controversy that his photo has generated in the social media, the popular rapper posted a cryptic post in an apparent attempt to explain his side.


Check out the original post below.

Sabi mo nga gloc-9 sa kanta mo:"Ang mga bontanteng Pilipino ay 'di mga bobo. Lumiyab pag madilim, ituwid ang tiwali"KPhoto: Henz Atana

Posted by Senyora Santibañez on Monday, March 28, 2016

Gloc-9 performs at Makati Rep Abby Binay's proc rally

Posted by Rappler on Monday, March 28, 2016

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