GMA News analyst Richard Heydarian’s serious tweet castigating gov’t for turning down Japan loan cracks up Facebook

GMA News analyst Richard Heydarian’s serious tweet castigating Duterte gov’t for turning down Japan loan has been cracking up Facebook.

GMA 7’s resident analyst criticized the Duterte government on Twitter for turning down Japanese loan and other tested friends who are not invading our shores, never asked for patrimony assets and sovereignty territory as freaking collateral for their loans but instead offered quality investments.

However, hawk-eyed netizens quickly noticed something wasn’t right with the language of Heydarian’s tweet or perhaps he was ignorant about our history with Japan.

Before Heydarian could do something to avoid public shaming on social media, radio host and political blogger Mark Lopez was quick to share the screenshot photo of the tweet on Facebook.

True enough, Pinoy Facebook users couldn’t help but laugh at the thought that someone like Richard Heydarian, a GMA News mainstay touted as geopolitical expert, didn’t know that Japan invaded the Philippines?

A visibly stunned Lopez could only ask if Heydarian was aware that Japan formed part of Axis alliance (third wheel) or deliberate omission to propagate the anti-China stance of which he is a consultant? If Heydarian was aware of the existence of comfort women waiting for justice? Or Bataan Death March?

Lopez found it ironic that Heydarian’s tweet comes at a time when the country is on the heels of Araw ng Katigitingan where the country honors the veterans and fallen heroes of World War 2.

Lopez ended the post by leaving his realization that indeed Richard Heydarian is the typical “MAMARU at MEMA”.

You may read the full post below.

Seriously, this guy is being featured by mainstream media and paid for his geopolitical expertise?

And is he not even aware of that colossal history called World War 2 where JAPAN is the 3rd wheel of the Axis? (Or deliberate omission ba para lang i propagate ang anti-China stance na malamang eh isa sya sa mga “consultants)

Is he even aware that we still have comfort women waiting for justice?

And how ironic that he will tweet this on the heels of Araw ng Kagitingan, where we give salute to our veterans and fallen heroes of the said war.

Alam ba nito kung ano ang BATAAN DEATH MARCH?

Ngayon talaga, klarong klaro – MAMARU at MEMA lang itong si Richard Foronda Heydarian…

(ctto Darwin Cañete)

Pinoy Facebook netizens wasn’t embarrassed to poke fun at Heydarian and at the same time, make harsh comments versus the GMA News resident analyst.

Mandy Espinosa Lol.
It shows how stupid Heydarian is.
China has no history of invasion.
Have you forgotten how Japan invaded us?
And how infants were killed by bayonets?
Japan doesn’t support all our projects. They don’t want to extend a loan to build bridges.
Japan only extend a loan to build subway. , etc.
Besides we paid all our loans, even the unused/unfinished projects like the Bataan Nuclear Power Plant.
Now who is stupid?

Alfred Enaje II Tangena ka Hayderyan, pumusta pa naman ako sayo kahit na dehado ka kay Sass! Dito pa lang semplang ka na! Gago ka anong akala mo sa pera ko pinupulot ko lang? Pak yu!!!

Jhoj Trevenio Hahaha… hindi daw invasion kc rebellion daw against sa phil. gov’t (ask mo pa c hontivirus) Yan ang LP analyst absent cya sa phil. history but wait…. kahit elementary pupils alam na may comfort women during the japanese time. Even yong di nga naka pag aral alam nila na sinakop tayo ng japan… may World war 2 tawon oi… mabuang jud ko sa mga taga LP kc kundi BOBO isang tangang demonyo!!!😨😲 (check all the statements ng FVP.. isa cyang living proof)😉😂😜

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