GMA News’ Cesar Apolinario sees glaring flaws in ‘Oplan Tokhang’, but thankful Duterte’s war on drugs

A post highlighting the glaring flaws in PNP’s ‘Oplan Tokhang’ but at the same time expressing full support for the war on drugs is making the rounds online.

On a Facebook post, GMA News reporter Cesar Apolinario shared his observation in the operational style of PNP’s ‘Oplan Tokhang’ which he says he finds wanting.

Mr. Apolinario cited the glaring holes in the operational style of ‘Oplan Tokhang’. First, family members who don’t do drugs but lived in the same house with a drug suspect will be branded as such. Second, drug suspects living in exclusive subdivisions are spared in Oplan Tokhang while drug suspects living in the squatters are the favored targets.

The amiable GMA reporter also expresses doubt that the self-imposed 3-6 months deadline of the Duterte administration is enough but he guesses that the Duterte administration has been doing great strides in the war on drugs.

Despite disagreeing how ‘Oplan Tokhang’ is being implemented, the GMA News reporter says he is “thankful for the president and PNP chief’s action to curb the drug problem in the country.”

He adds, “No matter how we look at it, turned the world upside down if you will, change is indeed coming! Let us give it to them!”

So I am giving the president and the PNP Chief 6 years to fight drug problem.. 6 years. Ma solve o hindi.. I honestly don’t care.. Hindi sa kinakampihan ko sila pero naman!!! Ang problema sa droga ay problema ng mundo. At kahit mga super powers na bansa ay nahihirapan itong sugpuin. Kaya hush guys!!!

“At least may nagsimula na buo ang isip, matapang at may paninindigan sa tingin natin ay totoong kalaban na mahirap mabuwag,” he adds.

He ended the post by telling his followers that Duterte’s all-out war on drugs is enough reason for us to feel grateful.

Yun na lang siguro guys ang ipagpasalamat natin.

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Source: Cesar Apolinario


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