GMA News investigates Rafael Dumlao III SALN, what they found out is very telling

Ian Veneracion and the GMA News and Research team investigated Rafael Dumlao III’s SALN and what they discovered¬†will leave you speechless.

According to Dumlao’s SALN, his net worth increased by 55% from 2011-2013.

Net Worth

In 2011, Dumlao’s declared his NET WORTH at P5.8 million pesos; in 2012, he declared his NET WORTH was P7.9 million pesos; in 2013, his NET WORTH stood at P9 million pesos.

In 2011, Rafael Dumlao III was a Police Superintendent with a base pay of P35,000 pesos.

According to his SALN, Dumlao was assigned at the Civil Security Group (CSG).

The CSG is responsible for the issuance of permits and licenses for firearms, explosives and private security agencies.

Real Properties

In his 1998 SALN, Rafael Dumlao III declared he bought a house in Baguio City in cash. In 2010, he bought a condominium in Pasig City via installment, which he is still paying at present.

Based on his SALN again, Dumlao declared his cash on hand at P500,000 pesos in 2011; P850,000 pesos in 2013.

Jewelries and Books

Aside from cash, Dumlao declared his jewelries and books worth 200,000 pesos in 2011; in 2013, his jewelries and books combined worth rose to P1.1 million pesos. Dumlao’s jewelries are worth P650, 000 pesos and ¬†books worth P450, 000 pesos)


According to Dumlao’s SALN, he incurred a loan of P580,000 in 2011; in 2012, Dumlao’s loan stood at P200,000 pesos ; in 2013, Dumlao’s loan is down to only P100,000 pesos


In 2011, Dumlao declared a car he bought from a second hand dealership worth P700,000 pesos using a money he got from a loan. But, the loan was not declared in his SALN.

Rafael Dumlao III has been implicated in the kidnapping and murder of the South Korean businessman Jee Ick Joo.

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