GMA News resident political analyst Richard Heydarian trades insults versus DDS bloggers over plagiarism issue

GMA News resident political analyst Richard Heydarian’s has angered DDS by publishing a blank editorial on his PDI column to mock PRRD’s foreign policy.

Drawing inspiration from Heydarian’s blank PDI editorial, DDS blogger Thinking Pinoy parodied Leni Robredo by editing Heydarian’s title that reads, “A peek into VP Leni Robredo’s mind” and then followed by blank space.

Apparently affected, Heydarian retaliated by telling Thinking Pinoy’s via FB status update to get a college degree first before making fun of economist-lawyer Vice President.

DDS level of analysis — hoy mag graduate ka muna bago Laitin yung economist-lawyer Vice President Teh 😂😂🙈

Meanwhile on Facebook, there has been accusation that Heydarian was guilty of plagiarism.

According to netizens, Heydarian wasn’t the first to pull such a hat trick but Conrad de Quiros, a PDI column writer like the GMA News resident political analyst.

Furious by the allegation of plagiarism, Heydarian told DDS bloggers not to act or look stupid by accusing him of such because according to Heydarian, you can’t plagiarize zero words.

Heydarian’s “you can’t plagiarise NON/nada/zilch/zero-words” remark elicited an embarrassing lecture from another DDS blogger Krizette Laureta Chu on plagiarism.

Check out Chu’s full FB post below.

Hi Pogi,

Di man ako academically published (published lang in publications both international and local, in different capacities as writer or editor…. ok lang ba yon), gusto ko lang ishare na ang plagiarism does not only apply to words but also concepts and ideas.

I mean so far as a student of Communication Arts and Publishing, yan yung turo sa amin.

You can plagiarize concepts—like the concept of publishing a blank space.
Been der been dat. Kasi pwedeng palitan mo yung words at ipara phrase mo, eh same yung concept, plagiarism pa rin.

You can also actually plagiarize designs— a non word.

Also fashion— a non word.

Also art—a non word.

Also graphics—a non word.

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