GMA News should fire their social media writer who posted de Lima’s handwritten note

GMA News is a huge multimedia company and readers expect them to hire topnotch employees who could give them their money’s worth.


Any mistake, no matter how small adds up and could affect their credibility in the long run.

This is something that they should avoid.

Bloggers commit mistakes too but we have low expectations from them because many from our ranks are bunch of amateurs. I commit a lot of mistakes too but this is forgivable.

C’mon, GMA News?

Credibility is the media’s biggest asset.

Otherwise, it’s better close shop and start another business.

Speaking of which, GMA News has overlooked something in Leila de Lima’s note.

Have you seen it? If not, well, I am not going to give you a hard time finding it but if you look at the date of de Lima’s handwritten note, it says, “3/16,2017”.

Nothing wrong if the handwritten note was posted on 3/16/2017 but boy, it was posted yesterday on March 6, 2017.

If de Lima and GMA News are using a different calendar, I dare not touch it even with ten-foot pole. Lol.

One netizen named Tito Alfornon Calipay couldn’t help but get suspicious that a member of the media wrote de Lima’s handwritten note.

“Mainit na balita ng GMA, tungkol sa sulat daw ni sen. De Lima, totoong journalist ba talaga ang manunulat ng GMA??? Bakit di ito napansin?? Sinulat kaya ni Delima ang mga sulat nayan, o ang taga media lang ang nag sulat. Napaka advance na yata ng utak ni madam senator o ang mga journalist sa pilipinas ang advace???”

This dude noticed the date…

Check the photo below.

Your thoughts please!

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