Government prosecutor Atty. Darwin Canete approves Chavit Singson scolding Pacquiao, “mag-aral ka muna bago pumasok sa isyu”

“If even Chavit says Manny is “walang alam”, then it’s unanimous.”

This is brief comment of Fiscal Darwin Canete in concurrence with Chavit Singson giving Manny Pacquiao an earful for dipping his hands in the tobacco issue, which as we all know is something that the people of Ilocos does not welcome since it is their main industry and livelihood.

For context, Manny Pacquiao expressed his intention to increase the tobacco tax. As a friend, Chavit Singson approached Pacquiao not to pursue his plan of imposing additional tax to tobacco. According to Pacquiao, he turned down Singson’s appeal, even though they are best of friends. Pacquiao reasoned that tobacco is not basic commodity and he does want the price increase of rice and food so he’d rather want to see tobacco prices increase, since it is a vice.

On one hand, Singson replied that Pacquaio is making a mistake. He should not meddle in an issue he knows nothing. Chavit complained that Pacquiao already raised the tobacco tax 9 times. Anything excessive is not healthy. Chavit said Pacquiao does not know about striking a balance. Chavit advised Pacquiao to study before diving in into the tobacco issue. Because of their disagreement on the tobacco issue, Chavit said he still support Manny as a boxer but in politics, he told Manny to study first.

Atty. Canete’s thread has attracted netizens who are apparently anti-Manny for President movement.

As of this writing, Atty. Darwin’s FB thread has generated 1,770+ reactions, 132 comments and 146 shares and counting.

Here are some of the animated exchange of comments among netizens.

“Ang hirap kalaban ni Chavit, ahaha si Erap nga nadaleh nyan e,” a commenter warned Pacquiao.

“Ooh be careful mani pakyu. Chavit is a sleek and smooth operator, erap nga napabagsak niya. Ikaw pa. hihi” seconded another netizen.

“Nagkamali ako. Kala ko i-rescue ni manong ChavitĀ 😁 said another.

“ano pa ba aasahan mo graduate ng makati yang si pakmeow ganyan kami sa makati ang years na kurso kya naming gawing 3mos😂 reasoned another netizen.

“Little or no knowledge is dangerous Manny. Choose your battle( s) wisely..” commented a lovely lady.

This netizen barked at Pacquiao in disgust: “naku dalawang beteranong pulitiko na ang nagsabing mag aral ka muna Manny! pambihira ka talaga porket nakuha mo lang degree mo sa loob ng 15 months ganyan ka na ka believe sa sarili mo pweee!”


Source: Darwin Canete

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