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Government prosecutor, netizens challenge political analyst who says PNoy’s death will have an impact on 2022 polls

A political analyst from UP Diliman named Edna Co, director of UP Diliman extension in Pampanga told ANC news that PNoy’s death will make people think of what he did and also what we want of a leader.

On the other side of the fence, Fiscal Darwin Canete, a self-confessed rabid anti-Dilawan and Aquinos disagreed with the political analyst from UP Diliman Pampanga extension.

On Facebook, Canete wrote:

“Two elections passed while he was alive. He could not make his chosen candidate win.”

Canete’s FB post has created some buzz on Facebook, generatting 2,300 reactions in 9 hours, 306 comments and 46 shares as of this writing.

Commenting on the thread, one netizen agreed with Canete’s sentiment: “Nanaginip”

Another netizen asked the political analyst to refresh one’s memory on the things PNoy did: “Hmmmm. Yes, what did he do nga? Please refresh.”

“I dont think so…voters now are more open minded and intelligent…Nakita na nila ang contrast ng pagbabago ngayon at nuon.” commented another.

This netizen posted quite a rebuttal to the political analyst who said PNoy will make an impact in the 2022 election.

“The Filipinos already made known to the LPs what kind of a President they want of course not the kind of Aquinos nor their brand of necropolitics. When the Filipinos chose someone who is from Mindanao not coming from their so-called elite group of Manileno, it was a signal that Filipinos want change. Filipinos do not need politicians coming from exclusive schools who think they are the only decent ones who speak beautiful words of promises but broke it once seated. Enough of Imperial Manila enough of hypocrites who are mostly voted by smartmatic not by legitimate voters. Masteral degrees do not make a good public servant. True public servant do not need media to follow his every breath. No need for photo ops. Be like Sec Tugade, the epitome of a good public servant.”

“Political analyst n bias?  asked another.


Source: Darwin Canete

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