Government prosecutor offers brilliant suggestion how to get to the bottom when we lost Scarborough Shoal in 2012

In case you missed it, the highly anticipated debate between President Duterte and former Associate Justice Carpio has been cancelled wherein many Duterte supporters had hoped the debate could have uncovered the truth who gave the orders to retreat when Chinese and PH navies faced off in 2012, which resulted to the Philippines losing Scarborough Shoal to China.

You may click the link below to watch the video wherein President Duterte expressed what he hoped could have been answered by debating with Carpio.

Moving forward, since the has been cancelled and the chance of getting Carpio to answer President Duterte’s questions re withdrawal in the WPS that led to the Scarborough Shoal debacle, the suggestion offered by Caloocan Prosecutor Darwin Cañete how to get to the bottom of the Scarborough Shoal withdrawal in 2012 is worth a shot.

On Facebook, Atty. Darwin Cañete writes:

“Let’s ask the captain of the ship that left the West Philippine Sea who gave him the order to leave. Then we ask whoever gave that order, which superior gave him the order to instruct the captain until we find the highest official on the sequence of events. May logs naman siguro. 😅

If you asked the 3,174 netizens who reacted at his thread, it seems like Atty. Darwin Cañete’s proposal is indeed worth pursuing.

Commenting on the thread, one netizen wrote: “Agree. Let the truth come out. Who made the most money. And finally, Trillanes should answer the questions raised by Sen JPE.”

To which another netizen disagreed: “No need na. Just follow the chain of command. All fingers pointed to AbNoy.’

This netizen has reservations about the suggestion: “Sir Baka verbal instruction lang dati tpos nung nakaalis na wala ng memong ginawa”

“Baka may hawak na log si carpio at del Rosario na c duterte Nagbigay Ng order Kaya nila sinisisi c duterte” one netizen joked.

“If we dig deeper into this, the captain would suddenly become the scapegoat,” said another.



Let's ask the captain of the ship that left the West Philippine Sea who gave him the order to leave. Then we ask whoever…

Posted by Darwin Cañete on Thursday, May 6, 2021

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