Governor Jonvic Remulla shows support to transgender Sass Rogando Sasot who cried doubled-cancelled on socmed against Church of God Dasmarinas

Lately, social media has been abuzz with with allegation of discrimination and even bigotry made by International Relations expert/SMNI News host Sass Rogando Sasot against a pastor of the Church of God Dasmariñas, Cavite Governor Jonvic Remulla found it appropriate to speak since the incident occurred in his province, Cavite.

In case you missed it, Ms. Sasot, a transgender, was invited by a school based in Imus Cavite as a guest speaker during its graduation ceremony. The venue was the church of the Church of God Dasmariñas located in Dasmarinas Cavite.

Sasot posted the video of the incident on June 3, 2022 for the public to see what they did to her while she was speaking on stage before the graduates of the Southern Philippines Institute of Science & Technology.

Sasot claimed the Church God Dasmariñas ordered the school to change the graduation guest speaker because she is a transgender and a Marcos supporter. In other words, she was double-canceled.

However, the school decided to proceed as planned and ignored the advised of the Church of God Dasmarinas despite the threat of cutting off the lights and sound system should their request is disregarded.

According to Cavite Governor Jonvic Remulla, Section 4 of the Provincial Ordinance considers it unlawful to discriminate any person and/or group on the basis of their sexual orientation and gender identity and expression or those who belong to the LGBTQ community.

Netizens have mixed reactions on Cavite Governor Remulla’s statement:

One netizen wrote that the provincial ordinance is not applicable to the issue between the transgender and the Church of God Dasmarinas because of the issue of jurisdiction.

The ordinance of the government has no jurisdiction over the affairs of the church unless any violation of the Law of the Land is involved or any of the same caused. The provincial ordinance as mentioned is to respect sexual and gender rights in the society but not transgender issue as this is not disclosed any of the same in the clause. The church has the right to keep the sanctity of their beliefs beyond any reasonable doubts.

A second netizen commented that it is the school coordinator not the COG who should take the blame for the foul up.

I believe that it’s the school’s coordinator here who should be blamed and not COG who laid down their conditions to them prior to the rental property agreement. It’s them who violated the conditions. This is not about discrimination, its breach of agreement.

To which another netizen replied: hindi ba kayo nanuod ng interview kay Sass ni ka Tunying…and the school’s coordinator…hindi nag-violate ang school…ang COG ang mali..iba ang nkasulat sa contract…iba ang sinabi ng Pastor sa statement nya….may pagsisinungaling.

The second commenter immediate apologized for commenting without the benefit of knowing some of the details of the controversy.

my apology if I only base my initial judgement with the evidence in hand only showed through SMNI post. But I will only say that COG is in wrong if SMNI or the school or you , post the original contract where I can check who is really at fault here.Shalom my friend.


Source: SMNI News

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