Gov’t official chides Mr. know-it-all Richard Heydarian for “growing public anger vs PRRD” statement in trending FB post!

It’s about time the Duterte government fights back and fights back with greater ferocity against government critics!

For the last three years, the opposition has been lording it over on social media, especially in terms of spreading fake news and black propaganda versus the Duterte government.

If not for the independent bloggers who defended the President pro-bono from vicious attacks of trolls working for the opposition, the social media war has been long won by Duterte’s political enemies.

Although, there were times the government agency tasked to defend the President from black propaganda put up a semblance of defense, some netizens expressed dissatisfaction of their efforts, either they come few and far between.

But thanks to Assistant Secretary to PCOO Mon Cualoping for making GMA News political analyst Richard Heydarian eat humble pie, albeit a little bit a late.

You may check the screenshot below of Heydarian’s tirade on Twitter against PRRD.

In a Facebook post, Cualoping stated he was responding to Heydarian’s tweet and wanted to clarify the fake news the GMA News political analyst has been spewing on Twitter.

First and foremost, Cualoping said there is no such thing as growing public outrage against President Duterte as shown by the high satisfaction and approval ratings of PRRD released recently by SWS and Pulse Asia surveys.

Next, Cualoping defended the President’s foreign policy which he described as balanced. Cualoping explained that “balanced” means the President is friends to everyone and enemies to one.

In addition, Cualoping also responded to previous allegations peddled by opposition trolls on social media.

For example, allegations that the Duterte Cabinet is militarized is wrong. Cualoping cited Mark Lopez’s FB post debunking that specific allegation. [Link here]

Menawhile. Cualoping did not pass up the opportunity to take a jab at GMA News, Heydarian’s employer to live up to their slogan, “walang kinikilingan” and stop calling Heydarian as their resident analyst. Rather, GMA should tap Heydarian as a political commentator who is against President Duterte.

Anyway, if you enjoy reading how Cualoping gave Heydarian an embarrassing trashing on social media, you may read the full FB post below.

To Richard Heydarian,

Good day, my friend.

I have seen your recent Facebook posts and as an Assistant Secretary of the PCOO, let me clarify some things wherein you have unfairly skewed the narrative to discredit the Duterte administration.

1. There is no public anger against President Duterte. Support for the war on drugs is strong. Satisfaction and approval ratings are at record breaking numbers. You have the data.

2. Foreign policy of the administration is balanced: Friends to everyone, enemies to no one. And that includes the states in the Americas, Middle East, East and North Asia, and the ASEAN. Recent actions from some European states have prompted SFA Locsin to state: Friends to friends, enemies to enemies.
We don’t even have to discuss your blank column in the Inquirer because it is a disgrace to the Republic, and the men and women in the foreign service.

3. The Cabinet is not militarized. Mark Lopez has previously disputed you on this. Majority are senior citizens, that we concede.

4. The Philippines has not lost a single island in the West Philippine Sea under President Duterte. Same thing cannot be said under President Aquino.

5. The Filipinos are once again free to fish in our EEZ and territories. Mind you, and I believe you know, there is a huge difference between sovereignty and sovereign rights. And a sovereign is a person like the Queen of England.

6. President Duterte does not kowtow to foreign powers. Rather, he leans on the living instrument that is our Philippine Constitution.

7. Hatred towards the President cannot be masked by your preference of policies which are a remnant of the past, which records will state did not do any good to the majority of the Filipinos.

8. Let’s stop making China and its corresponding assets as a political weapon against the President. This is very similar to the war on drugs as led by the PDEA under the leadership of Aaron N. Aquino.

I purposely did not provide details or links to the items above because I know you are very familiar with those things. Unfortunately, there seems to be a refusal to understand objectively the pragmatism and practicability of the Government.

We were supposed to have lunch or dinner a few months back, but it got postponed many times over due to our other commitments. The offer for dialogue still stands because after all, contrary to what you believe, the Duterte administration serves all Filipinos and not only one.

Lastly, GMA News says, “walang kinikilingan, walang pinoprotektahan, serbisyong totoo lamang.” I hope you stay true to that because if not, then you shouldn’t be their resident analyst. Rather, GMA should tap you as a political commentator who is against President Duterte.

My invitation remains. You know where my office is.

Your comment?

I remain.

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