Gov’t official decries story of local digital news outlet re PRRD offering his vax jab to young Pinoy

A high ranking government official has decried a local digital news outfit for their recent story on President Duterte’s comment on waiving his vaccine slot for anyone who wants it.

Usec Ernie Abella, former Presidential Spokesperson and now UsecĀ for Strategic Communications and Research at theĀ Department of Foreign Affairs wasn’t excited with the lead paragraph of the digital news outfit that reads: “The Philippine leader wrongly claims that people his age or in their late 70s are not in the government’s vaccination priority list.”

“It goes on to state that PRRD “sounds” like he falsely believes people his age are not government priority,” Abella complained.

For the sake of fairness, Abella reposted the exact words of the President which is the point of contention with the local news digital outfit:

“Unahin natin ang mabubuhay pa…ako magwe-waive ako…seventy years above, ano makuha mo?..sige ka dream, dream of living ’til kingdom come.”

Abella cautioned the local digital news outfit from doublethinking the President.

“You may try to doublethink him but that is what he said. Prioritize the young. He may have sounded grim, but he was not mistaken. He was aware of his priorities.”

Abella put forward a couple of theories to explain why PRRD offered his vax job to any interested taker.

“For those who grew up with tribal leaders, or patriarchs, this is familiar talk. Self-deprecating, giving way to the younger ones with have more years to live, acutely aware not to appear grasping nor self-serving.”

“Definitely old school. More prevalent among southern islanders. Definitely not cosmopolitan but predictable in its values,” Abella added.

Abella can’t help but preach about sorting out our cultural and values difference and learn fast.

“As we sort out our differences in values and culture, let us learn and hopefully evolve quickly.”

Abella shared a quote about nations getting the government it deserves.

“You may or may not agree with Joseph de Maistre who famously said, “Every nation gets the government it deserves. We need to ask difficult questions here.”

And urging Filipinos to ask the hard questions.

“What lessons do we need to learn?”

Which is? “That you cannot ignore the disenfranchised too long, because they will exact payment when they sense injustice, selfishness and arrogance.”

“That a little respect goes a long way, that people will do their part and give their due if they sense you are sincere,” Abella added.

Abella revealed why Filipinos has been enamored with President Duterte, from the time he decided to run for President until now. “They can smell and spot hypocrisy from a distance, that is why they will support the one who is “like” them.”

Abella went on to reveal what Filipinos hate the most and what will change how Filipinos perceives Duterte’s critics.

“It does not help to force conclusions, to be too clever, to be patronizing. It helps to go the extra mile, to listen well, and trust the process. We got here because of past decisions.”

Abella ended the FB post by leaving some words of advice to local media.

“To get out, we need to understand the real jive. It’s not about the jab but the job – of getting one’s priorities right.”


Source: Ernie Abella

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Posted by Ernie Abella on Tuesday, April 13, 2021

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