Gov’t official scoffs at CNN PH’s headline why Bayan Muna Rep. Cullamat failed to attend daughter’s own burial

NTF ELCAC Spokesperson and PCOO Undersecretary Lorraine Marie T. Badoy agreed with CNN’s excuse why Bayan Muna Rep. Eufemia Cullamat skipped the burial of her own daughter because of security reason.

However, Badoy offered her own theory why Rep. Cullamat felt she was not safe to attend the burial of her own daughter.

“CNN’s excuse for Eufemia Cullamat not attending her own daughter’s burial is for security reasons – which I can believe bec our indigenous peoples are up in arms against this Representative who has NEVER once denounced the GENOCIDE of our IPs by the terrorist NPAs- not even of the Manobo tribe of which she is part of. And she’s NEVER once denounced the inhumanities of the CPP NPA NDF against our indigenous brothers and sisters by the NPAs.”

Badoy called this a self-inflicted injury in the case of. Rep. Cullamat.

“And the grief she has caused them by rubbing salt on their wounds by the LIES she’s told about them and how she, herself, put them in grave danger.”

Badoy remarked that she can take CNN’s excuse why Rep. Cullamat was a no-show to her daughter’s burial.

“So yeah, I can believe this. (Although as a mother, there would be nothing that can separate me from my children..more so when they are grieving.)”

Usec. Badoy is curious what excuse CNN will give for Rep. Cullamat for failing to do this, aside from personally attending her daughter’s burial.

“I wonder though what excuse CNN will give for Eufemia Cullamat not even just CALLING her children to comfort and grieve with them bec she has not called them.”


“Hard to believe but true,” Badoy said in an emphatic tone.

Let us read the comments of netizens below to know their sentiment.

“Lumalaban para sa bayan pero takot mamatay.”

“di kaya ng kanyang KONSENSYA…yan ang totoong rason…kahit sabihin nila na dumaan lang sila sa inyong mga pepe…”

“So heartless 😢 She is never a mother. Sana sya na lang ang naunang namatay kesa sa anak nya.”

Natatakot si Eufemia sumbatan ng mga kapwa Indigenous, sigurado ‘yan na sisisihin siya, dahil mismo anak niya, siya ang dahilan ng ikinamatay niya, walang mukhang maihaharap si Eufemia, #SuchShame#CNN👎👎👎Takot mamatay si Eufemia, magpakamatay ka para sa bayan na sinasabi niyong mahal niyo, LOL 😂🤮 terrrorist!


Source: Lorraine Marie T. Badoy

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