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Gov’t official slams Cavite Gov for lack of respect to soldiers, says people in government must unite vs common enemy

ICYMI, Cavite Governor Jonvic Remulla and SOLCOM Chief Lt. Gen. Antonio Parlade Jr. had exchange unpleasantries on Facebook over the issue of “red-tagging” of local celebrities like Liza Soberano and Catriona Gray.

The Cavite Governor remarked that “Parlade should be ashamed of himself.”

Remulla even warned the SOLCOM Chief that if Parlade or any of his men put up anti-NPA posters in Cavite, he will personally lead his men in tearing the posters down.

Of course, the brave General vehemently denied “red-tagging” the above-mentioned celebrities and told the Cavite Governor that obviously “puro third hand info lang basis ng mga accusation nyo sa akin.”

The SOLCOM Chief explained he did not threaten Liza Soberano and company but merely defending Liza Soberano from CPP exploitation. “I was trying to shield her from bashers who redtagged her unfairly,” Parlade added. If you wish to read more about it, you may visit Jonvic Remulla’s FB page here.

Moving forward, PCOO Undersecretary Lorraine Mae Badoy ran to the defense of Gen. Parlade in particular and the soldiers in general and called Remulla’s statement unacceptable and disrespectful to our men and women in uniform.

“Ito ang hindi ko matanggap sa mga pahayag ni Governor Jonvic Remulla- the lack of respect for a soldier.”

Apparently, Badoy took offense of Remulla’s lack of respect to Parlade and the soldiers, Filipinos whom she described as Filipinos who have given their lives to the country in ways that many of us will never be asked to do.

someone who has given his life to country in ways the vast majority of us will never be asked to do:

heart, mind, body, soul
with complete integrity.

Badoy said the likes of Parlade and the soldiers are the people who kept the communist insurgency at bay. Then, President Duterte came along and figured out that this w@r versus the communist insurgency can only be won by engaging them in all fronts.

“These are people who, until this President came along who had the brains and balls to figure out that this was a battle that can only be won by an ENTIRE government, held the fort and fought this lonely battle by themselves against the malignant forces of the communist terrorist group, CPP NPA NDF.”

Badoy spelled out to the public the enemies #1 strategy.

“A group that has, at its prime strategy the vilification and demonizing of our men and women in uniform here and in the international arena.”

Badoy credited the soldiers for protecting our democracy in the last 52 years of murder0us attacks from the CPP NPA NDF not with words to woo voters but with their lives.

“They are the reason why the Philippines still exists even after 52 years of relentless and methodical and purposeful destruction by this demonic CPP NPA NDF: they held us safely in their arms and protected and defended us valiantly- not just with pretty words to woo voters- but WITH THEIR VERY LIVES.”

In short, Badoy reminded Remulla that country continue to enjoy our democracy today because of the selfless sacrifice and dedication of our men and women in uniform to their sworn duty and that is to protect the Republic. Otherwise, the communist insurgency would have triumph along time ago.

“Our country owes a debt of gratitude to the men and women of the Armed Forces of the Philippines.

“A debt that we can never hope to repay bec they have paid the ultimate price for it. PARA SA BAYAN!

“And to this day, they continue to be our most noble of defenders and protectors and they can be counted on to be on the side of the Flag and our People. There is no confusion that politicians are prone to, no selling out, no pandering to the audience. They have no need for our votes, nor our likes and heart emoticons. That is not their language nor currency.

“They just want that Flag flying safe and high and free.

There is a time for politics and there is a time for selfless offering to our country.

Badoy deplored that right now instead of closing ranks to fight one enemy, people in government are fighting each other, thanks to the enemy who does what is does best – sow the seeds of infighting within the government.

“Right now is that time in our country’s history when we ought to be closing ranks. Pinagsasabong tayong mga nasa gobyerno ng mga demonyong bihasa sa pagwawatak sa atin, ang CPP NPA NDF.”

Badoy preached about the importance of showing our respect to the real heroes of the country.

“Pero unahin natin ang respeto sa totoong mga bayani natin.”

Badoy urged the people in government to have a clear perspective who the real enemies are, the terrorist.

“At maging malinaw tayo kung sino ang tutoong kaaway ng bayan: hindi ang isa’t isa kundi ang mga teroristang pahirap at pasakit sa Bayan.”

Badoy urged Filipinos to exterminate our enemies as one.

“At sabay sabay nating sugpuin ito.”


Source: Lorraine Marie T. Badoy 

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