Gov’t prosecutor dismisses #Tindig gimmick: Three years too late…All the protest art and performances are just noise at this point

The critics of the Duterte administration has launched a campaign on Twitter using the #Tindig #Tumindig urging young people to #RegisterToVote for next year’s polls. The tweet said: “Show your patriotism by standing up for the truth.”

The tweet was posted by the netizen who goes by the handle @KevinKalbo and as of this writing, it has generated 46K likes and 15K retweets.

Meanwhile on Facebook, Fiscal Darwin Canete, a self-confessed rabid anti-Dilawan and anti-Leftist Duterte supporter dismissed the #tindig gimmick, calling it three years too late.

Canete explained why he called Tindig gimmick three years late is because discussion on Duterte policy and action are already moot. Alteady implemented. Resistance is futile as they say. The next battlefield Canete said is Duterte’s legacy and sounded very confident because Dilawans have no ammunition against Duterte.

In fact, Duterte outlasted them all and even outlived Noynoy.

War is over, Canete declared.

Canete dismissed the protests arts and performances as nothing but noise.

He said the president won and critics need to deal with it.

“The Tindig gimmick is three years too late. At this point, they are picking the wrong target. The discussion on Duterte policy and action are already moot. Implemented na. Nothing to resist. It is his legacy that will be the next battlefield and the Dilawans have no ammunition. He has outfought and outlasted all of them. And he even outlived Noynoy. The war is over. . All the protest art and performances are just noise at this point. The president won. Deal with it.”

AS of this writing, Canete’s FB post has generated 2,405 reactions, 51 comments and 117 shares in just 9 hours and counting.

“‘They have no ammunition.’ Actually! Kaya nga dinadaan nila palagi sa pasigaw, mura at galit ang kanilang discourse sa social media. They have nothing to show. Hard life for the dilawans, 😅 remarked a netizen.

“I Strongly AGREE. PERIOD na ang Dilawan. Irrelevant na and just trying too hard to give justice to their existence,” another netizen concurred.

“Exactly. They’re basically howling at the wind that will last for another 7 years. They don’t even know how to engage. They just howl and once get howled back, they realize they’re way out of their depth. Considering their depth is just throwing insults, it’s pretty damn shallow. Then they block you or delete their comment thread. No point arguing with crying babies. Best to let them cry til they sleep,” chimed in another.


Source: Darwin Canete

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