Gov’t prosecutor recites litany of ABS-CBN’s sins vs. PRRD, says if they get shut down, they had it coming

ABS-CBN’s franchise is set for renewal in 2020 if I am not mistaken.

Otherwise, the giant news media company will shut down and bid farewell to its millions of patrons.

Most likely it will just be temporary after the Lopez family sell it to new owners and re-open once a new franchise is granted by Congress.

The Lopez family has been the owner of the company for many decades now and it would be unthinkable that the family is on the brink of losing their precious jewel.

Of course, majority of the DDS already the know how ABS-CBN and the Lopez family got into this mess.

Yes, you said it right! It was when ABS-CBN decided to go against destiny (Duterte) by placing all their bet on the wrong candidate.

And the rest they is history.

For more details, you may read Atty. Darwin Canete’s original article on Facebook below now.

Gov’t prosecutor Darwin Canete

ABS CBN did not merely breach PRRD’s advertising contract, it basically flexed its capability to affect our political discourse.

Advertising is a fair way to get attention. Given the bootstrap finances of his campaign, I can imagine the difficulty of PRRD in raising the funds to meet the advert rate.

So you can imagine the hurt it must have given him that ABS CBN refused to air his ad despite having paid for it. His supporters bled and sweat to pay for it.

And to add insult to injury, they even aired a shady attack advert headlined by children against him.

Ginago talaga si President Duterte ng ABS CBN ng todo-todo. That is not mere contractual breach. Anong silbi ng soli ng pera? The ad was placed for a reason, and the timing is a consideration. Damage has been irrevocably done. .

So excuse me if I very much hope they shut down. Because insofar as media bias is concerned, they had it coming. Fuck them.

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Source: Darwin Canete

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