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Grab food “driver” with disability inspires, melts the hearts of netizens

A candid shot of an anonymous grab food delivery guy has captured the hearts of thousands of Pinoy netizens, generating, more than 12,000 reactions on Facebook in less than 24 hours.

On Facebook, James Deakin, TV and events host, transport blogger, social media influencer etc. shared the unassuming photo on his wall and wrote a caption borrowed from the famous automaker.

“If you think you can, or you think you can’t, you’re right”—Henry Ford. #respect

Netizens found the message of the photo posted by popular social media influencer very powerful and need no coaxing to share their thoughts and express their admiration for the grab food delivery guy who did not let one’s disability to stop him from earning an honest living.

Netizen #1 commented that this photo is a testament that disability is not hindrance for people not to continue living because God has given us the skills and talent to live life as he wants us to be.

This proves that despite the disability, there is no reason not to continue living and make a living. I admire people like these who strive to work hard despite the disability. God has given us skills and talents so that we can continue living our lives well. This person has proven that his skill in making a living is God’s gift. And what he is doing with his life right now is his gift to God. Salute to this man.”

Netizen #2 have nothing but praises for the grab food driver. “This guy is a legend! He takes his condition positively with so much optimism. Wish him all the success”

Netizen #3 wrote: “What an inspirational human being! Hats off to you sir!”

Netizen #4 commented that photo made him teary-eyed. “I’m teary-eyed when I saw the Pwd grab man. What a very noble way to earn a living.”

Netizen #5 have nothing but respect for the guy for preferring to earn an honest living despite his condition. “I salute you brother, in spite of ur disabilities, u preferred to work in an honest way.God Bless U & Your Live One’s!!”

Meanwhile, one netizen commented this photo was not taken in the Philippines. “not in the Philippines, one criteria sa job openings ” must be at least or not more than (insert age)” yan pa disabled, sa Singapore or other foreign country siguro yan,kasi dun bawal discrimination dahil sa disability or age”

Another netizen echoed the opinion of the above-commenter. “Saludo ako pero I think hindi yan dito sa atin. Gustuhin man siguro ng PWD na magwork ng ganyan I think hindi tatanggapin. Discrimination. Sagabal lang sa paningin ng malalaking kumpanya I think.Madami din ako nakikita sa lansangan, able magwork pero namamalimos na parang wala ng pag asa sa buhay.”


Source: James Deakin

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