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Grace Poe draws flak from netizens, claiming she did not sign the Coco Levy bill; new evidence says otherwise

Grace Poe on Coco Levy Bill

Grace Poe on Coco Levy Bill

A post exposing Senator Grace Poe’s double speak on Coco Levy Bill has earned her the netizen’s ire is doing the rounds online.

In a Facebook post, a netizen shared the damning evidence, proving that Senator Grace Poe’s lied when she said this in reaction to the comments that she is Danding Cojuangco’s puppet for defending the latter in the Coco Levy Fund issue.

Hindi ako pumirma sa Coco Levy bill sa Senado.” “Ako ay miyembro lang ng Senate committee [on Agriculture and Food].

The purported evidence is a senate document that shows Senator Grace Poe affixed her signature on the controversial Coco Levy Bill, a complete opposite of her previous pronouncements that she did not sign it.

A netizen allegedly from Ateneo said that Grace Poe’s signature doesn’t necessarily mean she’s endorsing the bill, only that she wants it to be deliberated by the entire Senate.

This merited a lengthy explanation from the netizen who opened the thread and I quote:

If Poe has issues with the committee report cum consolidated Senate Bill on the coco levy, then:

(1) Why did she affix her signature there in the first place? Even without her signature, the committee report/consolidated Senate Bill still has a simple majority approval;
(2) Why didn’t she interpellate when the Bill was brought to the Senate plenary?; and
(3) Why didn’t she make any amendments to the measure?

Take note: Both the periods of interpellation and amendments are now closed in the Senate.

In fairness to Senator Grace Poe, no video that would show she said the exact words in regards to the controversial statement that put her in the middle of another controversy.

The post has gone viral since it was published 10 hours ago and have been shared 1281 times as of Monday morning.

Sen. Grace Poe's sig no Coco Levy Bill

Grace Poe, nonverbatim: "Hindi ako pumirma sa Coco Levy bill sa Senado." "Ako ay miyembro lang ng Senate committee [on…

Posted by Adrian Baccay on Sunday, March 20, 2016

What can you say about the post? Do you agree that this instance of Senator Grace Poe contradicting herself defines her as a candidate?

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