Grace Poe finds an unexpected ally in former PGMA’s Justice Secretary

Bello vs Carpio

Bello vs Carpio on Grace Poe’s citizenship issue.

Senator Gace Poe finds an unexpected ally in the person of 1-BAP Congressman and former Department of Justice Secretary Sivestro Bello, who is siding with the position of the former in her citizenship woes at the hands of the Senate Electoral Tribunal.

If you’d recall, Congressman Bello served as DOJ Secretary of former President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo and Senator Grace Poe does not hide her strong dislike for the former President due to the bitter defeat of her father, FPJ during the 2004 Presidential election.

Congressman Silvestre Bello of 1-BAP PartyList is asking Supreme Court Associate Justice Antonio Carpio to inhibit as the Chairman of Senate Electoral Tribunal from hearing the disqualification case against Senator Grace Poe by virtue of the former’s close relation with the lawyer of another candidate vying for the Presidency.

According to Congressman Bello, Associate Justice Antonio Carpio and Attorney Avelino “Nonong” Cruz were Law firm buddies and the latter is the attorney of Mar Roxas, the political opponent of the Senator in the 2016 Presidential Election.

The Congressman from 1-BAP Partylist believes that the friendship of Supreme Court Associate Justice Antonio Carpio and Atty. Avelino Cruz runs deep until this day. To avoid any doubts about the outcome of the Senate Electoral Tribunal handling the disqualification case of Senator and Presidential aspirant Grace Poe, Associate Justice Carpio should inhibit himself.

It can be recalled that during one of the hearings conducted by the Senate Electoral Tribunal, Associate Justice Carpio made the statement that Sen. Grace Poe is a naturalized citizen since it cannot be established that her parents were natural-born Filipinos. In addition. Justice Carpio said that in the 1986 Constitution, it is not stated that a ‘foundling’ is a natural-born Filipino.

Congressman Silvestre Bello, being a former Justice Secretary, said the Grace Poe is a natural-born Filipino in accordance with the accepted International law that a ‘foundling’ is a citizen of the country where the child was found. It is clear, he added that Senator Grace Poe did not undergo the naturalization process. Lastly, he said that it is not categorically stated in the 1986 Constitution that ‘foundlings’ are naturalized citizen.

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