Grace Poe’s husband connection with CIA revealed via open source investigation

A post “alleging” that the husband of a presidential candidate has been linked to the Cental Intelligence Agency is doing the rounds online.

Neil Llamanzares

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In a Facebook post shared recently by Mr. Antonio Contreras, the La Salle Professor expressed alarmed that the country might be having a First Gentleman that had links to the intelligence agencies of another country aka the Central Intelligence Agency(CIA).

The La Salle professor actually has reason to worry about after reading the blog article of the website “Open Source Investigations” which ran a story about the alleged connection of Grace Poe’s husband with the Central Intelligence Agency.

In the article, Open Source Investigations reported that Neil Lllamanzares used to work for SAIC.

Neil Llamanzares worked for SAIC

What is SAIC?

According to Wikipedia, SAIC is an American company headquartered in Tysons Corner, Virginia that provides government services and information technology support.

Sounds harmless at first glance, right? Now, let me share the excerpt taken from an investigative report ran by Vanity Fair about SAIC and its nature of business with the US government specifically with the Central Intelligence Agency.

SAIC, the investigation journalists revealed, is a body shop which sells human beings who have a particular expertise – expertise about weapons, about homeland security, about surveillance, about computer systems, about information dominance and information warfare.

The website, Open Source Investigations revealed that Neil Llamanzares is not your ordinary employee at SAIC.

From 2004 to 2006, just before his move to the Philippines, Neil Llamanzares was supplied by SAIC as an Area Manager / Systems Architect to the US intelligence agencies.

Please check out the screenshot of Neil Llamanzares job description as SAIC employee.

Neil Llamanzares job description in SAIC

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To verify if indeed Neil Llamanzares has been employed by SAIC in 2004-2006, I did a quick search in Google and look what I’ve found below.

Grace Poe’s husband indeed worked for SAIC by looking at his profile in linkedin.

But the question that begs our answer: Is this Neil Llamanzares verified linkedin account? You may wish checking it out by going here here.

So what’s the issue if Neil Llamanzares indeed worked for a company that has business dealings with the CIA?

First, Grace Poe has been very vague about this. In fact, she never volunteered to reveal this important piece of information.

Second, Grace Poe said her husband is a dual citizen which turned out to be false. This is posted by Prof. Contreras recently which he said he learned about from the post of a certain Demaree Raval.

In a post by Demaree Raval, he claimed that Poe’s husband’s record at BI indicates that he is not a dual citizen but just an American citizen.

It is scandalous that if Poe is elected, we will have a First Gentleman who is not only an American citizen and a former US Air Force serviceman and reservist, but also had links to the intelligence agencies of another country.

Lastly, a US citizen or a foreigner is not allowed to meddle in local politics. According to the story ran by Rappler about Grace Poe, Neil Llamanzares is involved in the financial aspect of his wife’s campaign. Check out the story here from Rappler.

Let me quote Prof. Antonio Contreras regarding the issue of foreign nationals meddling in local politics.

Foreign nationals are not supposed to be campaigning, more so involved in the campaign. Specifically, they are prohibited from providing contributions directly or indirectly. Section 81 of the Omnibus Election Code states:
Sec. 81. Intervention of foreigners. – It shall be unlawful for any foreigner, whether judicial or natural person, to aid any candidate or political party, directly or indirectly, or take part in or influence in any manner any election, or to contribute or make any expenditure in connection with any election campaign or partisan political activity.

Section 81 is considered an election offense.

In Section 263, the principal, accessory or accomplice are all liable. Mr. Llamanzares may be the principal but definitely Grace Poe would be an accessory or accomplice.
And in Section 264, Mr. Llamanzares can be deported while Grace Poe can be permanently disqualified from office.

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