Grace Poe’s Presidential bid in 2016 is in peril. Find out why!

Grace Poe disqualification case

At Monday’s hearing, it was discovered that Sen. Grace Poe continued using her American passport even after she renounced her US citizenship on October 2010 as she was given the marching order by President Aquino to head MTRCB (Movies and television Review and Classification Board).

This was revealed on Monday during the oral arguments at the Senate Electoral Tribunal in the disqualification case filed by a losing senatorial candidate Rizalino David.

Senator Cynthia Villar should be hailed by now as the heroine in the camps of Poe’s opponents because she was the one who squeezed out the ‘damaging’ piece of information to Poe’s Presidential ambition from the lawyer of the petitioner when he offered that they have already submitted records from the US Department’s Consular Affairs showing Poe used her US passport in 2011, months after she renounced her citizenship.

The lawyer added that Poe could have used her passport beyond 2011 but did not further elaborate.

The lawyer of the petitioner reiterated that the documentary evidence they have submitted is a proof that shows the good Senator lack of total allegiance on her part to become a real Filipino citizen.

It can be recalled that the Supreme Court recently decided a case similar to that of the good Senator when the Mayor Rommel Arnado of Kauswagan Lanao del Norte, was stripped of his mayoralty position for continuing to use his passport after renouncing his US citizenship.

Anyway, as her cousin, Sherly Cruz said, she would be a good President come 2022. Even if Poe is able to prove that her parents are Filipino based on the DNA result, she still lacks 2 months as per requirement for the 10 year residency period for US citizens, renounced their citizenship and applied for Filipino citizenship and covet the Presidency.

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Source – ABS-CBN


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