Grace Poe’s proposal to ban Facebook in the Philippines draws backlash on social media!

Sen. Grace Poe has been widely criticized on social media lately for raising the idea of banning Facebook in the Philippines.

Yes, Poe is entertaining the idea of denying the Filipinos of their favorite past time – Facebook.

Granted Poe was only asking a hypothetical question, the public wasted no time in shooting down Poe’s idea, albeit a hypothetical one.

Foremost among the loudest critics of Poe is none other than Paula Defensor Knack, who called Poe’s proposal “eyebrow raising”.

On Facebook, Knack writes:

When you close the most widely used social media platform the people use, YOU VIOLATE SEVERAL RIGHTS, not just free speech. Link here.

COMING FROM A SENATOR, THIS IS EYEBROW RAISING. I’m sorry but she should NEVER BE HEAD OF STATE. Just imagine what she would decide when faced with rebellion. As Chair of the Committee that held hearings on Mamasapano, she was a major disappointment for lack of knowledge.

Likewise, ordinary folks reacted angrily upon hearing Poe’s idea of blocking Facebook in the Philippines. Someone even asked fellow netizens to boycott Poe in the next election.

Minda S. Obeidat:

KALADKARIN NGA PALABAS NG SENADO YAN!!! Facebook nga lang ang murang kumonikasyon namin sa pamilya eh! #OFW

Hell Ver Ollitsac:

Eh bugok pla Ito eh block mo ang Fb kaming mga ofw un Lang Ang kinasasaya namin KC malayu kami sa Mahal namin sa buhay pinag kakait mupa e Kung ikaw Kaya umalis NG bansa tapos alisan NG koneksyun sa lahat NG pamilya mo bugok ka ..yan masasabi ko seo..utak mo gamitin mo Sana or baka dinadin umaandar Yan letye…
At Isa pa d government nag babayad sa fb kami bumili ng data namin or internet Zim Wala ka karapatan…😠😠😠😠

Jesus Coralde:

Huwag na iboto yan kasi lumitaw ng ang dilaw sa puti next election forget grace poe in ballots hehehe!!! malapit na election abangan!!!

Meanwhile, Poe found an ally in the person of La Salle professor Antonio Contreras who defended Poe in Facebook. If you’d recall, Contreras was the brave netizen who took Poe’s citizenship issue to the Supreme Court.

On Facebook, Contreras writes:


This is a classic case of misunderstanding.

The context was a public hearing. Senators ask questions to resource persons on the issues at hand.

I watched the hearing. And I reviewed the video.

And here is my take.

Senator Poe asked a technical question of whether it is possible to block FB.

She did not suggest that IT SHOULD BE BLOCKED.

That is one ocean of a difference.

It is also easy to misinterpret.

But when some deliberately misrepresent to feed their biases against the Senator, or to punish her because she displeased them with her actions in yesterday’s hearings, then that is already a form of disinformation, a key component of what people now label as “fake” news.

Link here.

Your thoughts on the issue?


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