Greco Belgica, anti-graft group links Trillanes to P250M ‘ghost’ lamp posts projects using DAP

While Senator Trillanes is projecting an image as a corrupt buster via his senate exposes, ironically, he is now accused of masterminding a P245 million peso scam.

“Si Trillanes daming ghost projects nya, nakita namin. Walang biro,” Greco Belgica of the Coalition for Investigation and Prosecution said.

According to Belgica, Trillanes received a total of amount P245-million from former President Aquino’s DAP funds and allegedly used in erecting ghost lamp posts in various cities and provinces nationwide.

Belgica said the project did not materialize though documents with signed budgets show otherwise.

Belgica’s investigation shows that Trillanes received 100M, 50M and 95M pesoses respectively from the Disbursement and Acceleration Program of the Pnoy government.

Let us read comments of netizens and see how they react on the allegation against Trillanes.

Noel Villaroman wrote: “From the way it looked to me and based on the records that are being presented now, The real reason from the obsession of Trillianes to attack every move made by President Duterte are connected to his previous projects that are considered “Ghost ” project that soon will be brought up against him that earned him 245 million pesos, Coincidence? Almost the same amount that he had accused President Duterte to have in the bank before which the President had denied that exists. Who is he bluffing then ? Furthermore, his credibility is so low that it can not even hold a gallon of water.”

Ems G. Togonon welcomed the development. “Finally? It’s long overdue. He’s too much of a garbage to handle. Let there be rejoicing! Oust Trillanes!!!”

Michelangelo Midel Miguel remarked he is not surprised at all. “I’m not surprised. Almost all of the people in the senate and tongress, fooled their way to The Filipino Employer’s hearts just for the money, do you seriously believe that these bozos and lovers of money are there for the benefit of The Filipinos? Think again.”

Your thoughts?

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